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Five things we’ve learnt – Love Island SA 

11 March 2021
Here are the top five takeaways from last night's show.
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If the love triangle between Thimna, Erin and Libho wasn't enough to keep you on the edge of your seat last night, then the Kaige/Chris/Summer-saga most certainly should have! Amongst all the fighting and flirting, there were some lessons that we learnt.

  1. Always keep a secret!
    Especially if it’s about a boy or a girl that your bestie fancies (or potentially wants to break up with). And last night, Millie stepped up! Summer confided in her, disclosing that Chris had told her he likes her. Summer revealed that she was conflicted and unsure about how to approach Kaige about what Chris had said to her. Millie not only advised and supported Summer on the matter, but she promised to not tell anyone about it. It seems Millie deserves a free pass to the Love Island SA Angel’s club. 


  2. Never pursue your best friend’s crush
    Even if it means friendzoning! Last night, Chris approached Rochelle and told her that, though there’s a true connection between him and Summer, he’s not committing to anyone in the Villa at this stage. He disclosed to Rochelle that he is very willing to get to know her, but not willing to always make the first move. “If you want to progress with me, you’ll also have to put in the effort,” he told her. Her response to him? “Chris, I think you should pursue [Summer] first.” Well done on you, Rochelle!


  3. There are certain things as an ex-girlfriend you can’t do 
    It might just get sticky! So rather step away and avoid doing certain things, such as telling the new girlfriend or boyfriend that your ex might still be into you. This was the case with Erin last night when she told Sarah that Asad might still want to get back with her. Sarah, of course, confronted Asad about it, and it all went downhill from here, leaving both Asad and Erin without resolution. Relive the very heated conversation here.

  4. Do not use the same flirting tactics with more than one person
    It seems Libho has trouble choosing between two girls, and last night it seemed he was unable to be discreet about it, whispering the same sweet nothings into both Erin and Thimna’s ears. Better be careful, Libho!

  5. Always have your bestie's back – no matter what!
    Erin and Thimna were living proof of this. Even though their sights are set on the same boy, Thimna allowed Erin to confide in her about the massive fallout with Asad. Erin got very emotional telling Thimna that she is Erin’s “saving grace” in the villa. “I’m so grateful for you,” she said tearfully. And Thimna stepped up, comforting Erin and advising her to not be so hard on herself. That’s what true friends are for. 


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