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Five things we’ve learnt – Love Island SA

23 March 2021
Here are the top five takeaways from this week.
Love Island SA Five things we know

This past week, things got heated in the Love Island SA villa. Not only did we see a few twists and turns, but we enjoyed a few chuckles too. Here are the top-5 things we've learnt. 

  1. Don’t drop the L-bomb too soon
    Especially if its lust clouding your feelings. Xavier, of course, is living proof of this: it seems he is finding himself in a bit of a pickle. After saying that he was falling in love with Millie at the previous recoupling ceremony, he was officially the first Islander to drop the L-bomb. He said that even though she is the clumsy one in their relationship, Millie is the person he’s managed to fall in love with. Fast-track a few days, and it's awkward: it’s clear that the newly landed bombshell, Mischka, has got him second-guessing his feelings towards Millie.

  2. Going commando isn’t always a good idea  
    By now we know Chris chooses not to wear underwear. And when he had to get down and dirty with Summer during the Love Island SA charades, he ripped his pants, revealing his “white ass bum”, not only to the Islanders but to the whole of South Africa!  

  3. Don't fart on TV 
    Adding insult to injury, Chris had to go and fart on national TV. And he thought no-one was watching. Sorry to inform you, Chris, and well done on smoothly diverting Tania's attention, but the cameras are always on. Though Tania might be completely oblivious, you gave South Africa a good laugh.  

  4. Never interrupt a ‘girl chat’ 
    Guess Xavier is not scared of poking the bear: Especially when that bear is your girlfriend, and she and her girlfriends are having a conversation about you with the other girl you have your eye on. Summer’s reaction was a dead giveaway. 


  5. Puckering up for the perfect smooch 
    According to Thimna, you need to ensure that your lips are always super soft to enjoy the perfect smooch. Exfoliate those whistles regularly to avoid those “Kalahari” kisses Xavier refers to. Another good tip from our kissing advisor Thimna is to slow things down. A sensual kiss is better than a fast one. 

    Watch the video below:

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