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Five things we’ve learnt – Love Island SA 

01 April 2021
Here are the top five takeaways from this week.
Love Island SA five things we learnt

This week on Love Island SA, we saw tears and we saw laughter, but most importantly, we saw love blossom. Here are the top-5 things we’ve learnt. 

  1. Always have a top 3  
    We know one of the most important rules in the villa is that new bombshells must share their top-3 with the rest of the Islanders. And a good rule at that, because if you don’t have a top-3, you might end up just as devastated as Kitty, opting to leave the villa shortly after Chris got dumped because he was the only one she wanted to pursue. Now see, if she had a top-3, things might have turned out differently. Sorry, Kitty. 

  2. Good things don’t come to those who wait 
    If you’re an original Islander, you only have six weeks in the villa to find your match. Make every second count. Where did friend-zoning all the boys get Rochelle? Dumped! What happened after the Barbie and Ken saga? Both Chris and Summer got dumped. Not to mention Summer and Kaige’s rocky love affair, or Summer and Josh potentially, possibly, maybe getting to know one another. Yes, that is correct. Dumped.  

  3. Never get comfortable 
    Not one. Not two, but five Islanders left the villa this week. Thiala being dumped was based on the popular public vote. Tania got saved by the remaining Islanders and Summer was therefore sent packing. Thato was next. He and Tania were in a good place... Well, at least that’s what he thought. At the recoupling ceremony, he expected Tania to choose him, but instead, she decided to couple up with Ross, leaving him being the only single Islander and therefore packing. This all goes to show that in the Love Island SA villa, always expect the unexpected. 

  4. Always have your bro’s back 
    Especially when your bro has his eye on a girl who prefers just being friends, but leaves you feeling that there might still be hope. Take it from besties Xavier and Libho to sus out the truth. If you heard something through the grapevine that might potentially hurt your bro, tell him. And you want someone to subliminally interrogate your crush to find out whether or not she might break your heart, leave it up to Libho.  

  5. Always be sincere 
    Don’t overcomplicate it. If you’re sincere in finding love and sincerely in love, people will start noticing it. And if people start noticing it, they’ll support you and have your back. And you might end up going on a well-deserved date. Take Thimna and Libho as an example. Libho had the backing of the fellow islanders in asking his Queen to be his girlfriend. And look where that got them. Alone, in the middle of a vineyard blowing kisses over a glass of bubbly. 

What did you learn from Love Island SA this week? Tell us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter using the hashtag #LoveIslandSA. Love Island SA airs Monday to Friday at 21:30 on M-Net, with an ‘Unseen Bits’ special airing after the Sunday Night Movie.