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Advice from the elders – Love Island SA

10 April 2021
Our Islanders are all in their twenties, so some wise words from parentals is often necessary!
Thimna and Libho get advice

Here are a few gems of wisdom from the in-laws!

Libho’s mother:

‘You must love yourself and respect yourself, then people love you and respect you.’

‘Don’t mind your age – age is nothing but. What matters is love.’

Mischka’s mother:

‘Sometimes you don’t have to meet people where you expect them to be – you have to meet them where they are.’

Xavier’s mother:

‘There’s nothing wrong with being open and honest about where you come from. At the end of the day, where we come from doesn’t define us.’

‘Ouma says you mustn’t use the P word on TV. That was not how you were raised!’ 🤣

Millie’s mother:

‘I think that friendship, initially, has been such a good foundation.’

Asad’s mother:

‘If [that] part of the relationship dies, then at least you have the friendship base for support.’

‘I know things can be magnified inside the villa, [so] when you get outside, you need to keep the communication – be kind to each other.’

Tania’s mother:

‘You always know what you want – and you want someone who stimulates you mentally. When I saw your choices, I just thought, ‘This is Tania.’’

Ross’s father:

‘If you have that understanding, it [makes it] so much more enjoyable.’

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