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A match made in heaven? – Love Island SA

11 April 2021
Which one of our four couples is the perfect match?
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We’re down to four couples and nearing the end of an unforgettable summer of love. But which of our remaining couples are the better fit? 

Millie and Asad?
Asad is a personal trainer residing in Johannesburg. He enjoys being outdoors, gyming and attending sporting events. Entering the villa, he was hoping to find someone who would keep him grounded. He’s turned on by women that are trustworthy and respectful, not only towards others but also towards themselves. Did he meet his match? 

Millie is an influencer from Cape Town. Entering the villa, she was looking for a guy that is tanned, chiselled, have pearly whites and muscles on top. She’s turned on by cheeky guys that are confident. 

Will she end up moving to Johannesburg or visa versa? Will they get a cat or a Staffy? 

Maybe Xavier and Mischka?
He’s a rugby player currently residing in Cape Town, and she’s a social media influencer and entrepreneur based in Johannesburg. Will Mischka end up doing Xavier’s online marketing? 

Xavier is turned on by raw sex appeal, and Mischka’s power of seduction is being subtle and seducing people with her eyes and her personality. 

Mischka’s biggest turn on is tattoos and accents. At least Xavier has the accent, and the sense of humour Mischka so terribly craves. For her, that’s a very important aspect a guy should have. Keep those jokes coming, Xavier.  

They're already having chats about how to maintain a long-distance relationship. We know most long-distance relationships cannot stand the test of time, but it seems this one might really be an exclusion. 

What about Thimna and Libho?
Libho is a student-athlete from King Williams Town, currently based in Port Elizabeth. He is a student-athlete, micro-influencer and freelance model.  

Confidence is a massive turn-on for Libho: He likes girls that seem unapproachable but turn out to be very kind. Before entering the villa, The very confident and charismatic Thimna is looking for a man that is supportive, kind and thoughtful.  

He’s a massage therapist and online trainer currently residing in Mosselbay.  

The question is will Thimna move to PE, will Libho move to Mosselbay or will they meet each other halfway? We can’t wait to find out. 

And Tania and Ross?
Ross is a performing arts student living in Cape Town and it seems he’s very good with words. He enjoys writing music and stories, drawing, and dancing in his spare time. Tania is a hustler with her own small business in KwaZulu-Natal. She is creative at heart and enjoys playing the piano and photography.  

Ross likes the chase: If you turn him down, he’ll want to pursue you even more. Tania is looking for a guy that has “silent confidence” and is not too arrogant.  

He wouldn't be able to move, seeing that he's a student, and moving her business will be tricky for Tania. Will one of them make a compromise? 

We look forward to seeing where these relationships go. Remember, to tune in to the finale, Sunday at 20:00. Join the conversation on InstagramFacebook and Twitter using the hashtag #LoveIslandSA.