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A heavy recoupling – Love Island SA

25 March 2021
The fourth recoupling came with a twist.
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A night of low-key partying was interrupted by our beautiful Leandie calling our Islanders to the fire-pit. Here, she announced that the next recoupling comes with a twist.
Libho, Asad, Ian, Chris, Xavier, Josh, Mischka, Jayme and Jelena were asked to leave the fire-pit. Thimna, Summer, Tania, and Thiala were asked to choose who they would want to couple up with, risking that the boy they chose might join them at the fire-pit already having a girl on their arm.  
Thiala and Chris 
Thiala, originally coupled up with Asad, was up first. And even though she went on a date with Ian since the third recoupling ceremony, she decided to recouple with Chris. This was quite strange, seeing that he made it clear he’d rather keep their relationship friendly. Thiala, however, seemed determined to get to know Chris better.  
The anticipation waiting for Chris to join Thiala at the fire-pit was palpable. Luckily, he was still single, and eager to couple up with her.  

Tania and Josh 
Tania, originally in a couple with Chris, wanted to recouple with Josh. According to her, there’s a lot to explore with him and she is hoping for “new beginnings”. Josh walked out single and therefore eligible to couple up with her. At the fire-pit, Josh seemed nervous, saying that he was hoping she’d choose him, and couldn’t wait to embrace by her.  
Thimna and Libho 

Up next was Thimna, according to our viewers, Thimna and Libho had the best chance of finding true love in the villa as a couple. Therefore, it was no surprise that she chose to stay with Libho. “I can’t imagine waking up next to someone else,” she said 
“He shows me every day the type of love that I, and every girl in the world, deserve to have,” she continued.  
Libho walked out alone, and therefore their relationship in the villa remains steadfast.  

Millie and Asad 
Obviously, Millie and Xavier’s relationship is something of the past. Even though it was sad to still hear that, according to our viewers’ poll, Millie and Xavier were second to Libho and Thimna in finding true love as a couple in the villa, Millie chose to couple up with Asad because, according to her, he is “one of the best”. “We started this journey together, and I can’t wait to see where we end up.”  
While Millie was at the fire-pit, our hearts dropped for a moment waiting for Asad. Luckily he came out without someone by his side, and therefore Millie was able to couple up with him.  
Summer and Ian 
Next up was Summer, coupled up with Ian. According to our viewers, they had the least chance of finding love in the villa as a couple. Summer, however, decided to still pursue him and therefore chose to remain in a couple with him. “He had my back from the start, and makes a mean cup of tea,” she said. “I’m excited to see what lies ahead.” 
Luckily Ian walked out ‘single’, and therefore they remained in a couple. 

Farewell, Jelena and Jayme 
Four single Islanders remained: Xavier, Mischka, Jayme and Jelena. Leandie announced that our five new couples had to vote for one male and one female Islander they thought should remain in the villa and deserved a chance at finding love. 

After deliberating, Tania and Josh chose Xavier and Mischka to remain in the villa. Summer and Ian chose Xavier and Mischka.  

Millie and Asad chose Xavier and Mischka, which came as somewhat of a surprise, seeing that Xavier dumped Millie for Mischka.  

Thimna and Libho was the last couple to decide. According to them, the two islanders who had the biggest chance of finding true love would be Mischka and Xavier. 

Watch the video below:

The evening was ended off with a sad goodbye sending Jelena and Jayme packing.  

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