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A bizarre first recoupling – Love Island SA

05 March 2021
There were surprises galore during the first Love Island SA recoupling.
An angry Asad, a sorry Erin

As predicted, Erin and Asad hit a huge hurdle – and sparks of the wrong kind flew between them.

Erin is after passion – as she explained to Summer, she wants Asad to not be able to keep his hands off her; she needs that physical connection. Asad perceived her comment as ‘an ultimatum for affection’ and he did not appreciate it.

Erin is hoping for compromise – Asad is not sure what she expects, but he says he won’t be walked over…

Despite her protestations, it’s clear to Asad that Erin’s mind has been elsewhere since Xavier’s arrival.

The new object of Erin’s affection, Mr X, meanwhile, is catching flak from Millie, Rochelle and Thimna for essentially ignoring them – he’ll want to up his chances of staying in the villa by paying them some attention – especially Millie, who quite fancies him.

Summer is also seeking more reassurance from Kaige – more than just the hicky inflicted in the Truth or Dare game, then. Her neediness is near palpable – and he’s not sure why there is any doubt. Summer loving is not such a gas at the moment.

Summer was first to choose in the recoupling and she appreciates that Kaige has come out of his shell. Millie was up next and – despite the snoring – she decided to stay with Jay.

Sarah then set the cat amongst the pigeons – she chose Asad! She also made it clear that she didn’t think it would go beyond friendship. Rochelle also shocked: she decided to ‘help out’ Durang…

Thimna has been physically and romantically alone of late, but she thinks South Africa might see something in her and Xavier. And after confessing to liking more ‘conservative’ girls (we’re guessing that excludes Sarah), Ian has landed in a most-platonic of relationships with Erin, to whom he dispensed advice earlier in the show.

With that ever-so-weird recoupling done, two new Islanders, Chris and Libho, entered the villa… The cats are now amongst the pigeons and we can’t wait to see what develops!

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