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Watch the Lioness cast

03 April 2023
Follow the talented cast’s work.
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The second season of Lioness has come to an end and we’re already clamouring for a third. While you cross your fingers and toes with us, you can still watch the cast and continue appreciating the talent they bring to the screen. Check them out on Showmax in a variety of series and movies.

Shannon Esra
If you haven’t watched Still Breathing, then slot it into your long weekend binge list. This local drama sports an excellent cast and a moving story about a group of friends coming to terms with love, loss, and lies.

Frank Rautenbach
Can you imagine what the world would look like 47 years from now? You’d probably barely recognise it. That’s what happens to the title character in Mr Johnson, a local drama featuring Rautenbach, who played the man we loved to hate in Lioness.

Gerald Steyn
We didn’t get to see much of Steyn’s character Anton Marais this season, what with him being a jailbird and all. But there’s plenty to pick from if you want to check out more of his work. There’s the haunting series Dam, M-Net's other thrilling crime dramas Reyka (and he’s set to appear in the upcoming second season) and Trackers, and the film Fiela se kind, based on the renowned book by Dalene Matthee.

Jacques Bessenger
Another character we didn’t get to see much of in season 2, which makes sense since he’s dead, was Adrian Hugo; but we did get to see a bit of him, courtesy of some flashbacks. And Bessenger is alive and kicking and can be seen in Kanarie, Warrior, Donkerbos, Poppie Nongena, and Die Spreeus.

Carla Classen
The other indomitable mother of the second season, Bianca, was played by Classen. You can see her in two of the films already mentioned here, Mr Johnson and Fiela se Kind, as well as in the drama Stroomop.

Fiona Ramsay
And while we’re playing a version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can watch Ramsay (Sam’s mother Charlotte, whom we loved even more in season 2), in Reyka, Legacy, and Table Manners.

Nokuthula Mavuso
Speaking of characters we liked even more in season 2, Amo was a much better friend this time around. You’re sure to have seen Mavuso before since she was also in Reyka. You can also catch her in The River, which also happens to feature Shannon Esra, and so we've come full circle with our watch list.

If you missed any episodes of Lioness season 2, binge here.