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Twitter adores Lioness season 2

30 January 2023
You asked for it and we said yes.
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The character of Sandra Stein should move over. Samantha Hugo is now in the house. 😉 Both are portrayed by the magnificent actor, Shannon Esra. Sandra has become a household name in South Africa, spanning numerous shows. But Samantha, oh Samantha, left a mark on everyone’s hearts with only one season of Lioness.

After season one’s cliffhanger ending, there were calls for the show to be renewed. These calls were so deafening that it was answered. The first episode aired on M-Net, DStv channel 101 in late January.

Fans were transfixed not only to the show, but to their phones as well, tweeting with us as we caught up with the Hugo family. 💪

Here's what you said on Twitter.

How the first episode has set the tone, and high bar, for the season:

The Hugo family’s utter dysfunction:

That ending!  ⛔️  Warning, spoilers. ⛔️ 

Jason proposed to Sam.

The show is available on DStv Premium on M-Net (Channel 101) every Thursday at 20:00 , as well as live-streamed on the DStv app, and is also available on DStv catch up after broadcast. Join the conversation on TwitterInstagramTikTok, and Facebook, using #LionessSA.