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The growth of Lioness characters

04 April 2023
Is too far-fetched to hope that Megan and Sam will become besties?
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Plot is not the only driving force behind an excellent show. Character development is key in making a TV series come to life. 😃 Viewers want to believe the individual, love alongside them, give them a hug when they need it, and celebrate their wins. 👊

On Lioness season 2, the characters grew exponentially, and dare we say it, for the better …. Well, for the most part.

❗️Warning: spoilers ahead. ❗️

Let’s start with Sam Hugo (Shannon Esra). During this season, she strived for a sense of normalcy she thought she needed. Make no mistake, she still fiercely protected her family. But she found her purpose with the non-profit organisation she created, Second Chances. She faced off a formidable foe, Brian (Evan Hengst), her former cray cray son-in-law. Sam and Megan (Natasha Sutherland) reached a comfortable space, despite the awkward position they found themselves in after Jason (Frank Rautenbach) left Megan for her, only to go back to Megan after he and Sam split. There’s also her daughter, Caitlyn, who thinks of Megan as a mother. Sam shone through it all.

Liam Hugo (Joshua Eady), fraught with guilt at having thought he shot his father at the end of the first season, became the vigilante Johannesburg needed. We dubbed him the City of Gold’s much-needed Batman. 😎 Yet, that bravado came from a place of deep hurt and trauma. Yet he didn’t kill his dad. He was able to say the L word to Kevin (Aden Croy), a sure fire sign he was ready to open up to someone, be vulnerable, and hopefully be at peace.



In season 1 Megan seemed to be rather bitter and angry with good reason. But after Jason left her, she found her footing and flourished. She appeared more content this season, she fiercely protected Caitlyn, and weathered the news that Jason and Sam were together with (mostly) grace. She found love, and an amicable relationship with her former arch nemesis, Sam. Even though we were astounded when she almost ended up with Jason again, we applauded how she stood up for herself, clearly verbalised her needs, and at the end of the day, ousted the villain Jason. She is the reason the truth emerged.
Charlotte (Fiona Ramsay) became the light everyone needed. She not only dispensed great advice, and came to the rescue of her family time and time again, her humour was second to none as she navigated online dating. After all, she is now an empty nester and her time is official all hers.

Jason and Brian: There was no progress with these characters, fact is, they actually regressed. 😓

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