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Guessing game – Lioness

06 February 2023
Season 2 speculation.
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Season 2 started with a bang and it’s only picking up the pace. What’s in store for us in the weeks to come? We can only guess.

The biggest surprise-but-not-really-a-surprise is that Sam and Jason are now an item. What’s more, episode 2 saw them move in together, much to the chagrin of many fans.

But that’s the situation and the pair certainly seem serious about each other. But how serious is it going to get … especially considering the suspicions lurking around Jason?

Of course, we already know that Anton is correct about Jason, but Sam is still in the semi-dark. Besides, they’re so embroiled in other dark secrets that even if Sam finds out, well…what’s she gonna do about it?

Then there’s Miranda, right. No, not the Miranda rights. Sam’s daughter, Miranda. Will she forgive Brian or, heaven forbid, go back to him? The fans are all screaming “don’t do it”.

As for Sam’s other children, Liam and Caitlyn, they’re also heading towards some dark places. Caitlyn is torn between her two mothers, while Liam looks set to face his demons with Bianca making her way into the Hugos’ lives. Lest you’ve forgotten, Liam is under the impression he shot his father, but given that there were three people with guns on that rooftop, we’re still in the dark about who actually annihilated Adrian.

And oh Bianca. Her inclusion in the story has created a very interesting conundrum for the fans, because we love Sam, but can’t help feeling sorry for Bianca. Will she find out the truth and do we want her to?

Although others are firmly in the Samantha camp.

With all these whats and ifs and buts, it’s clear we have no idea where season 2 is headed, which is exactly why we’re on the edge of our seats watching this show. Do you have any thoughts and theories? Share them on social media using #LionessSA.

Watch Lioness season 2 every Thursday at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101. If you miss an episode, catch up with DStv here.