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Five reasons to get excited for Lioness

03 January 2023
The second season is on its way.
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Mild season 1 spoilers follow.

The new year is starting off with a roar with the second season of Lioness landing on Thursday 26 January at 20:00 on M-Net. Fans are jumping up and down with excitement already and don’t need much reason to tune in; but let’s give you five anyway, just ‘cause we’re so excited too.

We’ve been WAITING for a second season
The moment the credits rolled on the season 1 finale fans were asking for seconds.

It took two years (feels longer though, amiright?), but now it’s finally coming and fans are excited, to say the least.

If you’re new to the Lioness fandom, don’t get left behind. Catch up on season 1 with DStv. There are 23 days left until season 2 starts and 10 episodes in season 1, giving you more than enough time to catch up.

Returning characters
Lioness centres on the Hugos, which means we’ll see Jason, Caitlyn, Liam, and Miranda again – and of course the main Hugo, and lioness of the title, Samantha. Her mother, Charlotte, is back too, as are Sam’s friends Amo and Sifiso. And let’s not forget her former lover, Anton Marais. Returning to the fold as well are Megan (technically also a Hugo), Bonolo, Lesedi, Brian, and Yvette (who wished she was a Hugo). The latter two in particular wreaked havoc on the other characters in the first season, so we’re intrigued to see where their stories will go upon their return.

New characters
New season, new faces. While season 2 will pick up on events from season 1, there’s all kinds of new drama in store too, courtesy of new characters. Who are they and what mischief will they be getting up to? Or will we fall in love with them, turning them into new faves? Whether we grow to love ‘em or hate ‘em, there are plenty to pick from. They include Vera, Max, Thomas, and Kevin…names that mean nothing for now, but are sure to set our lips flapping soon. There’s also Bianca, Adrian’s second wife. We did first see her in season 1, but season 2 will certainly give us more of her, as she goes in search of her husband.

More twists and turns
From who framed Sam to who helped Adrian fake his death, season 1 kept us guessing and kept surprising us with the answers. With Shannon Esra (who plays Sam) promising “more intrigue, more love, more surprises”, we can only guess this means more twists and turns and we can’t wait to start guessing.

Plenty of action
As the first season progressed, the action ante kept on being upped. So with a second season ready to kick off, we can only imagine the action is going to be even more balls-to-the-wall.

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Lioness season 2 starts Thursday 26 January at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.
Catch up on season 1 with DStv here.