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What we learnt from the Legacy season 2 trailer

17 September 2021
Tensions are rife as friends turn to enemies.
Legacy S2 trailer Stefan article

The Legacy season 2 trailer is a minute of tantalising easter eggs that we had to share! What did you take away from the trailer?

See it again here:

  • Despite Felicity's confession, Dineo still protects her from the nosy crowd taking pictures. “Get away from her,” she frantically shrieks. Our assumption? She still cares for her step daughter. 😥
  • Stefan is back and we are tremendously glad to see him again! 👏
  • There's a funeral. 😳

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  • Angelique boasts a new look, sassy short hair. 😍 And on her, it is NOT a pixie cut because she is lethal.​ 

1631784658 28 legacy s2 trailer angelique hair article embed

  • Dineo is mad, mad as hell at Stefan! "You can't get away with this," she says, her voice ice cold. 😡

1631784695 28 legacy s2 trailer dineo mad article embed

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