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What season 2 holds – Legacy

16 September 2021
Legacy season 2 promises to be bigger, bolder and oh-so-much-more better.
What season 2 holds Legacy

Can you imagine a world without the Price and Potgieter families? No, we can’t either. We can safely say, these families have become South Africa’s families. 👍

There is much anticipation for season 2 and this is what the actors are looking forward to.

Potgieter patriarch Willem (Dawid Minnaar) says:

I am looking forward to Willem growing in his relationship with Charmaine and becoming an even better partner and, maybe, even husband.

Did Minnaar just say husband? Yes, he did! 👏

Price matriarch, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) says:

I'm looking forward to the last episode of season 1 and first episode of season 2. I myself haven't watched the final product ... but I hear it's a must-watch transition.

This makes us love Christopher even more. 💕

Charmaine (Odelle De Wet) says:

Expansion and growth in all domains of Legacy. I think season 2 is a season of growth, expansion and inevitable change so that is what I am looking forward to and seeing what that change will bring. We're going to a place where we're unsure what comes next and then whatever culminates is just what is - that is always how life unfolds. We can always plan as much as plan as much as we want but life happens. We have to be creative in how we live. So I think that is what is unfolding, for me.

De Wet is definitely a thinker and gosh, that is so appealing. 💪

Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow) says:

More of the same really ... taking Felicity on a journey (or rather letting her take me!) working with the most amazing people, new faces and old.  Viewers will be treated to the same twists and turns and Thursday night cliffhangers, watching familiar favourites and some fabulous new faces.

Barlow is speaking our language. 😍

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