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The Legacy Baddies

08 March 2022
We take a look at some iconic bad guys from Legacy so far

Over the last two years we have encountered characters that made us shout at our television screens. From skin-crawling acts of evil to their general greed and vicious demeanor, Legacy has produced some noteworthy bad guys for us to loath. 

We take a look at some of our favourite love-to-hate characters on the show so far. 


Who can forget the moment James showed up at the mansion? The second Felicity greeted him with a slap in the face we knew that he was going to be the source of a lot of angry Tweets and comments. 

List of offenses:

  • Having his own son kidnapped to manipulate Felicity into marrying him.
  • Drugging Felicity to get to the truth about Sebastian's death
  • Agreeing to human trafficking in order to secure trust with King.
  • Using Charlie as a human shield.
  • Dissolving the Legacy board in order to gain control

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Welcomed as an old family friend, we had a strange feeling about Mike from the start. It didn't take too long for him to start acting strange and inappropriate, but we could have never expected what he ended up doing to Angelique. His list of offenses might be as short as he was, but they escalated in intensity very quickly. 

List of offenses: 

  • Sexual harassment in the office place.
  • Luring Petra to his hotel room under false pretenses. 
  • Stalking Angelique.

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This tall and innocent-looking man knocks on the door at the Potgieter house one random afternoon and he is welcomed in with absolutely no questions asked. An old Army friend of Willem, Andy moves in and we quickly pick up that he has brought some bad habits with him. 

List of offenses:

  • Makes Willem relapse and drink again.
  • Steals money from the Potgieter's.
  • Lies about why he is there.
  • Sells the car Stefan bought him to start a business.
  • Commits suicide in the Potgieter's shed and sends Willem into a spiral of depression and drinking. 

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A true wolf in sheep's clothing, Anthony swoops in as a stylish and very attractive millionaire philanthropist and catches the eye of Elizabeth. We had such high hopes for them as a couple until we realised that this sneaky hunk is in fact broke and only after the Price fortunes. 

List of offenses:

  • Tricked Elizabeth into believing he really loves her.
  • Pretended to be a millionaire when he had no money.
  • Cheated on Elizabeth with his 'secretary'.
  • All the lies, all the time. 

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Anybody associated with James immediately raises red flags and gangster boss King was no exception. His presence on the show was felt as he tried to wiggle his way into Legacy, even after James' explosive exit. 

List of offenses:

  • Gangster boss.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Extortion.
  • Lame one-liners. 

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