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Sims and Stef bromance – Legacy SA

20 July 2022
A friendship that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but still continues to entertain us.
Legacy Season 2

The two most unlikely friends started their entertaining bromance due to a power move by Angelique and are now one of the strongest relationships in Legacy SA. 

Stefan and Sims are from polar opposite backgrounds, yet they've created a bond that even the Price money can't buy. 

Here is a brief look at how this Batman and Robin started out. 

After both losing their jobs at Legacy the guys go on a drinking spree that landed them in hot water in the middle of Thembisa. They might have lost their clothes and belongings, but they found a new adventure that would change the country. 


Soon after ironing out the details and getting funding from Lexi Price the power trio launched Brightside Solutions, a company set on not only fixing potholes but making a positive change in South Africa. 



Shortly after the power trio started working together Sims caught feelings for Lexi and they started one of the most endearing relationships in Legacy.

As Brightside Solutions started expanding, Sims found himself on the road more often than not and as a result, Lexi found herself spending New Year's Eve with Stefan. As the drinks started flowing and the two opened up their hearts to each other, the unexpected happened. 


After months of lying and sneaking around Lexi and Stefan are caught out and what was once an unstoppable trio quickly became a very destructive love triangle. Lexi truly loved both of them, but couldn't decide on who she wanted to be with. 

After the dust settled, Lexi removes herself from Brightside in order for Sims and Stefan to move forward and continue making positive changes on the country's roads. Soon after, however, the Mayor pays them a visit to discuss the permits and a few additional incentives. As the guys struggle with a moral dilemma, Stefan gives in and agrees to the Mayor's bribes. 


With the help of Charmaine and some clever acting, the bribery scandal is exposed and Brightside lives to fight another day. 

Sims and Stefan's relationship is stronger than ever, and after taking down a cable theft syndicate in true action hero style, we are very excited to see what they'll achieve next. 




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