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What we learnt from the Legacy trailer

18 August 2020
What details did you pick up?
Legacy S1 trailer  things learnt scenery article

As our elation builds to a crescendo for the season premiere of Legacy, we closely watched the trailer and these are the takeaways we could see.

The spectacular scenery (pictured above) showcases South Africa's glorious natural beauty, of which, we luckily have an abundance of. 🌍

Sebastian and his son, SJ, not only share very good genes, but a suave fashion sense. Who else can pull off hats like these two? 🎩

1597751922 28 legacy s1 trailer  things learnt fashion article

Sebastian and Dineo seem to be very much in love. 💏 Seeing them so affectionate and playful gives us goosebumps.

1597751989 28 legacy s1 trailer  things learnt love article

Angelique still refers to her ex-husband as "husband". 👀 Does that mean she still loves him? Has she never gotten over the divorce? Or is it done out of spite? It certainly sets the stage for drama. And might we add, she sure knows how to make an entrance!

1597753170 28 legacy s1 trailer  things learnt husband article

The Price mansion, true to form, looks opulent from the outside. 🏡 See their home up close in this online mansion tour.

1597753055 28 legacy s1 trailer  things learnt mansion2 article

If you haven't seen the trailer, what are you waiting for?

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