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Top 10 Legacy heart warmers

24 February 2021
We suggest you get tissues ready.
Top 10 legacy heart warmers article

Amidst all the betrayals, hurt, lies and of course hiding bodies, Legacy always manages to bring it back and find a way to pull at our heart strings with beautiful moments that our favourite families go through.

We are celebrating the 100th episode and looking back at some of our favourite heart-warming moments from Legacy.

Back in his hands

What started off as messy and dangerous for both Ntate John and Felicity, ended with an unexpected and happy ending. Threatening to spill the beans about Felicity’s heavy secret that would destroy the Price family saw Ntate John walking away with the land, the one thing that would buy his silence forever and take care of his community for even longer. We honestly had no choice but to stan and beam with joy as the community celebrated this special moment.

Letters from Mama

If there’s one thing we were never ready for, it’s this moment between Willem and her daughter Petra. A mother’s love knows no bounds and Petra’s mother continued to show her love and pride even when she couldn’t be with them physically by leaving her letters for every milestone in her life. On this occasion, it was to wish her all the best for her first day at work and let’s just say, it’s a miracle that Petra didn’t show up to the office with smudged mascara that would leave a very memorable first impression. We aren’t crying, you are!

Stepping up as the patriarch

Uncle Gordon has been the saviour of the Price family since Sebastian’s passing and he has proven this fact on many instances, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be stepping down anytime soon. We’ve seen him encourage SJ to be a man and not lead Petra and Toya on, comforting Felicity and letting her know she’s loved even when she does questionable things, encouraging Elizabeth to believe in herself more and know that she’s amazing at her job and supporting her when she was in-love and of course being there for the sisters when they got arrested. We have no doubt that with Uncle Gordon at the helm, this family is in good and safe hands. 

Coming through for Petra

Big brothers were made to protect their little sisters, right? Well unfortunately in this case, Stefan was the very reason why his sister was kidnapped after he got himself mixed with the wrong crowd, and we all watched with zeal to see how he would fix this one. Luckily, not all heroes wear capes and after a few gun shots, his police buddies and his partner in literal crime, Felicity, Stefan was able to reunite with Petra and get an opportunity to change his ways.

Impress, impress, impress

SJ was focused on impressing Petra so he decided to do the opposite of what he’s used to with other women. He decided to cook for her. Impressing a woman obviously requires one to … impress, and this is where the trustee chef of the price family Uncle Gordon comes in with his witty personality and amazing advice to match. This was a precious moment and even more so when SJ’s efforts were appreciated and earned him a kiss of approval!

You can stay, Felicity

To say the Price family has gone through the most in these last few months would be an understatement! We’ve come to know Felicity as feisty, someone who will fight back, and that’s exactly what she did when Dineo didn’t give her the support she needed to give their land away. After using Sefako to reveal Dineo’s biggest secret, we thought there was no coming back from that one but Sefako managed to forgive his mother and believed that Felicity was indeed sorry. After kicking Felicity out, Dineo had a change of heart and instead comforted Felicity and told her she can stay.

Some great news

Yes, some may argue that it was too quick but what we can surely agree on is that Elizabeth brought some happiness and love back in the Price mansion and we were here for it. After meeting Anthony and getting swept off her feet, Elizabeth saw no point in waiting for the “perfect” time as this was the man who had restored her faith in love again and it only made sense to marry him. We couldn’t help but be so excited for her as she shared a cute sister moment with Lexi and filled her in on the beautiful future ahead. Now, it’s best we don’t focus on how it ended because life is to be lived, to be in the moment and take it all in and that’s exactly what Elizabeth did, and we loved every minute of it.

You are not a monster, Angelique

Dineo and Angelique in one room? But wait, also agreeing with each other? Oh no, it goes way further, Dineo assuring and comforting Angelique? They do after all share one thing and that is that they are mothers, and fierce ones at that, who have their children’s happiness as their main priority. We loved when Dineo assured Angelique that she’s not a monster for trying to protect Elizabeth from a suspicious man because after all, that is what Mama bears do and nothing stands a chance of changing that.

A bonding session

We love a good bonding session and what’s even nicer about it is that it doesn’t matter what it’s over. When the Potgieters met the Prices we thought it looked like a mess waiting to happen. Unfortunately, Stefan and Petra were left with broken hearts that needed mending. We saw the Potgieter siblings trying to make each other feel better in this moment and whether their efforts were successful or not doesn’t count because they were there when they needed each other.

I’m proud of you, Stefan

We have been waiting to see if Willem would ever utter those words to Stefan after he had disappointed him on several occasions, but they finally did, and it was beautiful. When Uncle Andy came into the picture and tried to rock the family with his sketchy ways, Willem didn’t want to hear any word of kicking him out as he saved his life and after this revelation, Stefan did the most and got him a car to get his life on track and we got to see the proudest joy in Willem’s eyes.

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