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Sims fact file – Legacy

23 March 2021
Msizi Zulu’s son certainly leaves an impression.
Sims fact file article

We want to like him, truly. Yet there is too much hanging in the air. 

Full name: Simangaliso Zulu, but he prefers to be called by his nickname, Sims. 😎

Best physical feature: He has a smile second to none! 😁

Appearance: He can pull off a pink suit effortlessly and we’re here for it. The actor who plays Sims, Lunga Shabalala, is into fitness and all we can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!  👊

See specimens one, two, and three:

Demeanour: He is, well, a charmer, the quintessential smooth talker. But he can also be sneaky. Sims got a position both Sanele and Petra interviewed for, yet it is them he reached out to for an important presentation. 😖

His mental and emotional dilemma: He has major daddy issues, and seems to live in Msizi’s shadow while at the same time seeking his approval. We can only imagine how exhausting that must be. While Sims is the one who wanted to give Petra and Sanele their credit for their amazing work idea, it was Msizi who had the press release edited to only give his son the sole credit. And Sims went along with it. This shows he can be as devious as his dad, unfortunately. 😈

Verdict: We’re undecided whether we like him fully or not. 😐 We would like him to be a good guy, but he seems to be on the fence. Ergo, so are we.

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