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Season 1 at a glance – Legacy

14 September 2021
In a word, Legacy has been life changing for the actors.
Legacy season1 at a glance article

The Price and Potgieter families have become household names across the country and dare we say, the continent. Legacy brought these two families from two different backgrounds together. Their lives intertwined and clashed. ⚡️ They loved, hated, and experienced loss.  💗 We felt their heartaches and cheered when they were happy. 💔 We felt frustrated when they made bad decisions. 😩 As season 1 comes to a close, we asked the actors how the show has altered their lives.

Potgieter patriarch Willem (Dawid Minnaar) says:

"It’s just made me once again appreciative of the deep pool of creative talent we have in this country – from the amazing production company that is Tshedza Pictures, to the writing team, to my fellow performers and, above all, the incredible crew and technical team. I feel incredibly privileged and grateful to be part of this production."

Price matriarch, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) says:

"I'm grateful that season 1 united me with so many former colleagues of mine that I'd worked with on other shows."

Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow) says:

"It’s more like in what way did Legacy not change my life! Legacy season 1 was a glorious gift [with] Felicity the sparkly silver bow on top. [It is] a tremendous acting opportunity, one I relished. Add in the absolutely wonderful people I work for and with ... it’s been a joy."

Charmaine (Odelle De Wet) says:

"For sure, I came back into what I call the "playing field" so the freedom of expression, the freedom to literally play and go into a character's depth regardless of technicalities. And just being given the opportunity to literally play a character has changed my life. And it also allowed me to look at myself from a different perspective and through the lens of a difference character, seeing the world through the eyes of a different character."

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