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Power women of Legacy

31 August 2021
There's a bounty of brains, beauty, and business acumen.
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From their fashion to their fearlessness, the women of Legacy continue to inspire us week after week.

This Women’s Month we celebrated the vibrant and tenacious women of our beautiful nation, and we all saw a little bit of ourselves in the characters that we’ve come to love over the last 198 episodes.

We take a closer look at these incredible ladies to see who we resembled most, see which one matches your personality, and let us know on social media.


Dineo Price

The peacekeeper and voice of reason in chaos. Don’t be fooled by her jaw-dropping wardrobe, Mrs Price has claws under all those figure-hugging dresses, and she has proven time and time again how she is willing to do anything to protect her family.

Dineo has kept the Price family on track on more than one occasion, always asking what Sebastian Snr would have wanted his family to stand for.

Dineo highlights:

  • Mum D was the first one to catch on when her son’s mysterious fiancé showed up claiming to be pregnant and ultimately the one to expose her lie with a clever switcharoo.
  • Despite their differences and fights in the past, Dineo is helping Felicity save Legacy from James and his evil plans.


Angelique Price

The OG Mrs Price is no stranger to drama. Everything she does is with ample flash and abundance. Angie has proven that her powerful and fearless personality shines best when trying to defend or protect her daughters.

Angelique highlights:

  • When you see smoke, there is usually fire, and Angelique is very good at spotting fiery redheads trying to make false moves on her Liefbet. Do you think the sangria bowl dump over Anthony’s head was just a little too much? It is Angelique we are talking about after all.

Felicity Price

Always in control with her business head to make sure her father’s legacy lasts for generations to come. Fe, although always in some sort of trouble, is a problem solver by nature and she is never backed into a corner for too long. Even though her solutions might border on the illegal kind, she always manages to escape looking like a million bucks.

Felicity highlights:

  • As a big sister should, Felicity helped Lexi out of trouble when she and Sefako crashed his car and hit a man. Her intentions are always good, but her methods are not for everyone.
  • Fe’s generosity and willingness to help stretched far beyond her own family as she helped Stefan put up the ransom money when Petra was kidnapped by the drug lords.

Elizabeth Price

If a good heart and a kind soul had a name, it would be Liz Price. This stunning charitable beauty is known for the big heart that she wears on her sleeve. She does everything in her power to avoid drama and often backs up Dineo as the voice of reason in chaotic situations.

Elizabeth highlights:

  • Liz is probably the closest to Angelique out of all the sisters and the only one not afraid to give it to her straight. We especially enjoyed seeing her take a stand and reinforce the importance of Petra’s sexual harassment case against Mike.

Lexi Price

The party girl of the Price mansion is not known for taking charge unless it is to her credit card. We’ve seen Lex step up when Dineo gave her a job at Legacy. Her Price roots kicked in and she has been flourishing.

Lexi highlights:

  • Lexi can easily come across as cold when there is not a cocktail or a six-pack involved, but the episode where she comforts Angelique after the Mike incident showed that underneath all those cheeky one-liners is a heart of gold.

Petra Potgieter

This career-driven and stubborn proper Afrikaans girl is not to be taken lightly. She might flip flop on some of her decisions, but when she takes a stand for something she thinks is right, she is unshakable. Her overthinking nature makes her cautious yet sometimes very spontaneous in her decisions, but her roots keep her humble and on the straight and narrow.

Petra highlights

  • Miss Potgieter can sometimes go off the rails and there is nothing like a mother’s advice to steady you when you do. Willem has a box of letters from her late mother, and he knows just when to give her one.


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