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Making a good impression on a partner's parents – Legacy

22 October 2020
It is a milestone every person has to face sooner or later.
Meeting the parents legacy article

Seeing the ever-increasing chemistry between SJ Price and Petra Potgieter in Legacy has been so touching. 😍 She is earnest, endearing, someone who clearly wears her heart on her sleeve, a gentle reminder that not everyone in the show is into intense scheming to get their way. While he, from what we've seen, seems to be an overall nice guy.


This week, he went  to the Potgieter home to meet Petra's father, Willem. He clearly seems very special to her because she spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a lovely meal. The firm denials about her feelings toward SJ when Willem quizzed her leads us to believe that she may very well be in denial herself.

Their meeting got us thinking about all the ways you can impress your partner's parents when meeting them for the first time.

Take a gift

Giving flowers, chocolates, a bottle of wine, or even a homemade casserole is a thoughtful gesture that will immediately leave you in good stead with your partner's parents. 🌼 🍷 SJ went a step further and took flowers for Petra and gave two bottles of wine – a red and white – because he wasn't sure what Willem preferred. It indicates to your partner's parents that you're a considerate person with a generous heart. But that also leads us to our next point.

Do your research and prepare well

Unfortunately, in SJ's case, he had no idea that Willem is a recovering alcoholic so the wine seems a mistake in hindsight. 🙈 However, what he could have done was ask Petra more about her father's preferences and/or any dietary limitations, more so if he were taking food. Limitations are also important in conversations. What should be avoided? Petra did have a lengthy chat with her father to avoid topics such as racism and politics. Unfortunately for her, it didn't dissuade him from diving right into said topics. Nevertheless, SJ handled it like a pro, with heart and tact.

Dr Deanna Brann, Ph. D, author of Reluctantly Related Revisited: Breaking Free of the Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law Conflict is quoted in Vogue magazine's website: "Stay away from topics that could cause friction or defensiveness on someone's part. If they bring them up, just listen to what they are saying. If you completely disagree, this is not the time to share that." She suggests anything that makes you feel awkward should be deflected by laughing lightly, changing the topic or being honest by saying you're not sure how to respond to that. 👍

Dress the part

Depending on the setting – a dinner, lunch, picnic, or posh restaurant – dress appropriately and accordingly. For instance, no one would dare go to a 5-star establishment wearing cargo shots and slops. SJ looked both dignified and respectful in his blazer and shirt and it suited the dinner setting. Special mention to Petra's red jumpsuit! Wowsers, girl knows how to bring it!

In the same vein, don't wear something that is uncomfortable and doesn't tie in with your personality. The trick is to choose clothes that speak to who you are while remaining presentable to leave a lasting impression. 👔 👗

The strength of being polite

A simple 'please', 'thank you', 'and can I help with that?' goes a long way in showing your courteous side and it displays consideration for your partner's parents and the effort they have put into welcoming you into their home. Ask them questions to show your interest in them, things like where did they meet, their best holiday, do they prefer cats or dogs … get a relaxed conversation going as they delve into their memories.

Most parents are, regardless, happy when their children are happy! 👪 So keep the flame alive by doing the best you can by your partner to keep their parents content.

In Petra's case though, SJ quickly friend zoned her in front of her father. 💔 😲

And Twitter reacted, heartbroken for Legacy's sweetheart and urging SJ to come to his senses:

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