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Legacy spoof awards

03 August 2021
And the winners are...
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Fans, you love to love and sometimes hate the amazing characters on Legacy. In honour of them, we present to you the Legacy Spoof Awards.


Here we go.

James has gotten on the nerves of almost every audience member and they simply love to hate him! He's playing the Price family like a fiddle and calculated his every move. Naturally, he takes the award for the Most Hated Villain.

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There's no one as good at being bad as Felicity Price. Just when you think you've seen it all – boom – she does the unthinkable. But fans, you've gotta admit that you absolutely love her and for that, she gets crowned the Most Loved Villain.

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Dineo Price owns the room when she walks in it. She's literally been through war with the Prices and back, but through it all, she stands a hero. Take a bow Mrs Price.

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SJ Price, the most eligible bachelor and a heartbreaker of note. Eat your hearts out ladies as we hand him the Heartbreak Award, with pleasure!

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Shame Petra honey, we love you but you've certainly gotten yourself into the messiest of situations lately and for that you get The Hot Mess Award. But knowing Petra Potgieter, she's bound to bounce back soon.

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Okay, this award was long coming! Sanele is the bestie of all besties. He's been Petra's pillar of strength since day one. Cheers to you Sanele.

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Let's put our hands together for the ultimate character transformation. Lexi went from the carefree Price trust fund baby to a responsible working-class woman! But she still gives us major awesome Lexi vibes that we love and adore.

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Angelique has a sharp tongue and always gives us golden lines. She never shies from saying what's on her mind. We salute you for the honesty!

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