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Legacy's latest bachelor Anthony

13 January 2021
Elizabeth Price isn't the only one swooning.
Legacy S1 Anthony Claasen article

Anthony Claasen (Craig Hawks) innocently waited for an elevator and suddenly, Elizabeth Price stood next to him and their lives were forever changed.

When she discovered he was also going to the Legacy offices, she sarcastically said the pool boy position was full after commenting on his attire. Nevertheless, she realised her error and apologised thereafter.

So, who is this man that has captured her mind, heart, and soul? This is what we know so far.

He is a tech genius and shares Elizabeth's passion to improve the lives of impoverished South Africans. He dresses casually but brings the heat with suits. Being a ginger, you could also say he is Prince Harry's doppelganger. He was so inspired by Elizabeth's project, he worked on the pitch overnight! He adores his niece and nephew.

Anthony is proof that chivalry isn't dead because he wore a suit the second time he saw Elizabeth (gone were the pool boy vibes), and booked out an entire venue for their first date. 💗

But if you aren't a millionaire tech genius:
Rather find out what her favourite meal is and cook it yourself. Set the table and don't forget the candles. It is also a lockdown friendly option with the ongoing pandemic. Or pack her lunchbox with her favourite snacks and a leave a note inside. You'll definitely fill her heart and her tummy that way!

Anthony, being the ever romantic, sent Elizabeth long-stemmed roses after the date. 🌹

But if you aren't a millionaire tech genius:
Instead of roses, pick a flower from your garden or a park and leave it next to her bed with a note. And speaking of notes, you can ditch the long romantic letters, often a simple text that reads: “Thinking about you and it made me smile, I love you", is more than welcomed!

From what we've seen, we suspect he is also the type of guy to book an extravagant spa getaway. 👫

But if you aren't a millionaire tech genius:
You can buy a facial mask and some chocolates and treat her to a movie and pamper night from the comfort of your own couch. Again, it is lockdown friendly. Besides, you are not allowed to watch movies at a spa. 😉

And bonus, here are two dreamy images of Prince Harry. You're welcome. 😁

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