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Legacy in 10 tweets

24 December 2020
Getting you up to date with Legacy in just 10 tweets.
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As we edge closer to the 60th episode of the hit new local telenovela Legacy, we’ve come to realise that our own family drama is nothing compared to the Price and Potgieter family spats.

Week after week, we’ve been glued to our screens as these families bury secrets, backstab each other and wiggle their way out of the most unbelievable situations.

Dineo brings the dresses, SJ and Stefan supply the smolder and Petra drops truth-bombs as far as she goes.

If you haven’t caught up with Legacy just yet, remember that you can do this with DStv as all 50 the first episodes are available to watch.

Here’s our own personal highlight reel in 10 Tweets:

1. The cat and mouse game between Angelique and Msizi has been keeping us entertained. 

2. Stefan and Felicity always seem to be up to something. Unfortunately, it has been landing them in trouble with their families a little too often.

3. Dineo constantly showing us that she is not to be messed with. 

4. Felicity has been making bad decisions from the start and her inability to show any remorse has been keeping our Twitter feeds busy.

5. If Dineo is not putting out fires at Legacy or in the Price mansion, she is starting them with her outfits every week. 

6. Felicity and Stefan's secret relationship has been giving us whiplash. Do you think they'll finally get to a point where Felicity actually acknowledges that they are an item?

7. SJ's secret fiance from America making a suprise appearance with a special 'gift'. 

8. Lexi was living the heiress life, until everything came crashing down in a bright red Polo. 

9. Oom Willem's relationship with the bottle is even more complicated than SJ and Toya or even Felicity and Stefan. 

10. Alongside the incredible cast, we've also seen some of South Africa's best actors grace the Legacy storyline with their presence. 

What are you waiting for?  See episodes 1 to 50 on DStv from 15 December 2020 to 5 January 2021. 

What have you been enjoying most about Legacy? Let us know on social media. Join the conversation using #LegacySA.  Find us on Twitter (@MNet),  Instagram (@mnettv), and Facebook (@MNet). Watch Legacy Monday to Thursday at 19:00 or on DStv on any connected device.