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Legacy characters caught tweeting

07 January 2021
Imagine if the Legacy characters could tweet.

There is no doubt that Legacy has introduced us to a range of characters so unique and diverse that it keeps us wondering what they'll get up to each week. 

Between Lexi's one-liners, Dineo's fire and Petra's truth bombs, these characters bring their own individuality and spice to Legacy, but what if they had their own Twitter accounts? 

We imagined what the likes of Felicity, Petra, Stefan and even Angelique would tweet if they had their own social media accounts. 

Dineo Price

1610359412 28 dineo1

1610360206 28 dineo2

Angelique Price

1610359645 28 angelique1

Petra Potgieter

1610016636 56 petra2

1610016665 56 petra1

Lexi Price

1610016705 56 lexi2

1610360015 28 lexi1

SJ Price

1610016579 56 sj2

1610016600 56 sj1

Felicity Price

1610359791 28 felicity2

1610359800 28 felicity1

Stefan Potgieter

1610016494 56 stef2

1610016534 56 stef1

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