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Legacy characters and their star signs – part two

31 December 2020
Angelique Price must be a Scorpio, right?
Legacy star signs article part two

From watching our beloved Legacy characters since September, we suspect they could fall within these star signs, based on what we have seen.

Sebastian Junior – Libra

1609414933 28 libra sj

Good side: Darker side:

Diplomatic and cooperative

Romantic and charming

Gracious and fair-minded

Easy-going and sociable

Indecisive and changeable

Gullible and easily influenced

Flirtatious and self-indulgent

Tit-for-tat behaviour

Romantic and charming: He wooed Petra off her feet in record time!

Diplomatic and cooperative: Despite Dineo being his mum, he still supported Felicity as the top person to take over her dad's role.

Gullible and easily influenced: He believed Toya for the longest time that she is pregnant despite the fact that she didn't have a scan done nor see a doctor for confirmation.

Angelique Price – Scorpio

1609414913 28 scorpio angelique

Good side: Darker side:

Determined and forceful

Intuitive and emotional

Exciting and magnetic

Passionate and loyal

Possessive and distrusting


Secretive and obstinate

Compulsive and obsessive

Passionate and loyal: She still refers to Sebastian as her husband after 20 years of divorce.

Determined and forceful: She'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, after all, she was about to wash the minister's feet with champagne and she threw a drink in Hans' face!

Manipulative, secretive, obstinate, compulsive and obsessive: She wanted Elizabeth to take out funds from the CSR for her bribe to the minister to get the tender. She was also obsessed with finding evidence against Dineo in the beginning when Sebastian was missing.


Lexi  Price – Sagittarius

1609414900 28 sagittarius lexi

Good side: Darker side:

Optimistic and loves freedom

Good-humoured and jovial

Honest and straightforward

Intellectual and philosophical

Impatient and careless

Irresponsible and superficial

Tactless and undiplomatic


Optimistic and freedom-loving: she lives the good life in every sense of the word and hasn't worked a day in her life.

Honest and straightforward: She is woke and has said many uncomfortable truths throughout the show. She struggled laying blame on Sefako after the terrible accident.

Nirvana – Capricorn

1609414889 28 capricorn nirvana

Good side: Darker side:

Practical and prudent

Responsible and disciplined

Patient and careful

Loyal and committed


Cold and distant


Stiff and stubborn

Responsible, disciplined, practical and prudent: She always wants to follow process as chairperson of the board.
Loyal and committed: She wants the best person to get the CEO position, no matter who they are, based on credentials.

Cold and distant: She is always serious which comes across as stiff. We have yet to see her softer side.

Petra Potgieter ­– Aquarius

1609414877 28 aquarius petra

Good side: Darker side:

Friendly and humanitarian

Original and inventive

Honest and loyal

Independent and intellectual

Intractable and contrary


Uncompromising and aloof

Independent and intellectual: She has her master's and is a smart girl who deserves the job she was looking for.

Honest and loyal: What you see is what you get and that makes her a breath of fresh air amongst all the schemers on the show.

Uncompromising and aloof: When Stefan had the braai, she wasn't happy with the crowd at her house. She also didn't tolerate any of Uncle Andy's lies.


Willem Potgieter – Pisces

1609414859 28 pisces willem

Good side: Darker side:

Gentle and wise

Compassionate, kind and creative

Intuitive and sympathetic

A desire to escape reality

Secretive and vague

Weak-willed and easily led

A desire to escape reality, secretive and vague: Hiding the alcohol when everyone thought he was well on his way to recovery and then going back into it after Andy's death.

Gentle and wise, compassionate and kind: He has been very gentle and wise with Petra in the beginning of the series and started showing his harder side when he was drinking.

Intuitive and sympathetic: He knows his kids very well, he could tell Stefan was lying when the cops looked for his gun. He knows Stefan's dark side and somewhat accepts it, but will call him out when he feels it is time.

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