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Legacy characters and their star signs – part one

31 December 2020
Dineo Price can't be anything but a Leo.
Legacy star signs article part one

While everyone has a little of each star sign in them, we suspect our Legacy characters could fall within these signs, based on what we have seen.

We dive right in.

Msizi Zulu – Aries

1609400782 28 aries msizi

Good side: Darker side:

Adventurous and energetic

Pioneering and courageous

Enthusiastic and confident

Dynamic and quick witted

Selfish and quick tempered

Impulsive and impatient

Foolhardy and risk-taking

Aggressive and competitive

Enthusiastic and confident: He knows what he wants and will go after it, not even thinking of the consequences.

Adventurous and energetic: He manages to learn people's secrets and use it to his advantage.


Aggressive and competitive: He spear-headed a smear campaign against Dineo when she was in jail for Sebastian's murder, leaking info that Sefako was her son and not her brother. He also got a rent-a-crowd to protest outside Legacy offices to advocate for radical change within the company because he wants to be CEO.

Elizabeth Price – Taurus

1609400798 28 taurus elizabeth

Good side: Darker side:

Patient and reliable

Loving and warm-hearted

Determined and persistent

Homely and security loving

Possessive and materialistic

Resentful and inflexible


Stubborn and uncompromising

Patient and reliable: In the first week, Gordon asks about the lunch upstairs and she said she'll go check on the progress. At the same party, she asked Lexi for help, who refused.

Resentful and inflexible: We have seen her show her passive resentment towards her mother, Angelique and her outrage when Felicity tried to put full blame on Sefako for the accident.

John – Gemini

1609400817 28 gemini john legacy

Good side: Darker side:

Adaptable and versatile

Witty and communicative

Intellectual and curious

Superficial and inconsistent

Gossipy and cunning

Indecisive and fickle


Adaptable and versatile, intellectual and curious: when he stumbled across the Felicity and Stefan situation (killing Sebastian) he didn’t do what most people would, go to the cops, but he thought about how to use it for his gain.

Gossipy and cunning: In one word – blackmail!


Stefan Potgieter – Cancer

1609400839 28 cancer stefan

Good side: Darker side:

Loyal, loving and protective

Imaginative and intuitive

Emotional and sympathetic

Moody and pessimistic

Overly emotional, insecure and clingy

Suspicious and manipulative

Loyal, loving and protective:  We have seen these traits because he has done everything and anything for Felicity. He also has a soft spot for his sister, Petra.


Overly emotional, insecure and clingy: Again with his relationship with Felicity, he can't seem to understand that it seems to be quite one sided.

Dineo Price – Leo

1609400852 28 leo dineo

Good side: Darker side:

Generous and warm-hearted

Creative and enthusiastic

Broad-minded and expansive

Faithful and loving

Patronising and pompous

Bossy and interfering

Dogmatic and intolerant

Stubborn and self-centred

Generous and warm-hearted:  She lent that gorgeous red dress to Petra at the party that celebrated what would have been  Sebastian's 65th birthday.

Dogmatic and intolerant: We've seen Dineo be extremely spicey to SJ, Toya, Gordon and a few others recently. 

Felicity Price – Virgo

1609400863 28 virgo felicity

Good side: Darker side:

Loyal and hardworking

Meticulous and reliable

Practical and diligent

Intelligent and analytical

Overly critical and harsh

All work and no play

A perfectionist, never satisfied


Loyal and hardworking: She has dedicated her entire life to the company and family. It is one of her top priorities.
Meticulous and reliable: She actually wrote out the fake report that Stefan presented. ADD VIDEO (week 7)

A perfectionist, never satisfied: she pursued the CEO position at all costs, and crossed so many lines to get what she wants. She wasn't satisfied not being CEO.


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