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Legacy's bestsellers

22 February 2021
Bestsellers from the characters of Legacy!
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The characters of Legacy certainly have quite the story to tell, so imagine if they wrote books. We think they'd have bestsellers on their hands and that they'd look something like this😉

Dineo Price

Mrs. Price has a charm, grace, and fiery spirit that is unmatched. But how does she do it?  Now's your chance to get the first view from the first lady herself. Housewives from around the world are raving about How to Slay your Demons.

1613844258 29 dineo p

Angelique Price

Mr. Price's ex-wife is privy to many Price secrets. Discover them in this gripping book that leaves no stone unturned. Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. 

1613739933 29 price

Felicity Price

Where there's a Felicity Price, there's a body.  For the first time, Felicity Price tells it all! Find out how she keeps her secrets six feet under with the riveting and thought-provoking How to Keep Your Bodies Buried.

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Lexi Price

Get a glimpse into the life of a Price princess. This stunning biography takes a look at Lexi Price's lavish life at the mansion and will inspire you to live your best life.

1613843632 29 lex main


Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price has had her fair share of heartbreaks. How does she cope with it? Read this tell-all book that echoes the sounds of heartbreak.

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SJ Price

Legacy's most eligible bachelor is an open book in this fascinating autobiography about one man's journey to fulfill his father's legacy.  A must-read for bachelors around the world!

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Sebastian Price

Never-before-seen letters from Mr. Price himself. Find out what Sebastian Sr. has to say in Beyond The Grave. Hurry, this is a limited edition!

1613842141 29 sebastian 2

Gordon Price

In this excellent cookbook, Uncle Gordon shares his most beloved Price family recipes and tips on how to keep the family together. Get your copy now!

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Stefan Potgieter

Mr. Loverboy is the expert in committing crimes in the name of love. Discover this dark and deadly tale of obsession, love, and sacrifice.

1613740434 29 stefan


Petra Potgieter

A  delightful story of the girl next door who took on the great and mighty Prices. The Girl from a Small Town will have you gripped from beginning to end. 

1613742679 29 petra


Willem Potgieter

The Potgieter household is known to experience endless troubles. Learn more about their story through the eyes of patriarch Willem Potgieter with this heartwarming tale.

1613842032 29 willem p



The sharp and witty Sanele knows how to pull off the ultimate con.  This excellent guide shows you the ins and outs of conning and will have your enemies eating out of your hands.

1613741022 29 sanele


Coming this winter...

The late John spills the tea in this riveting tale of blackmail, revenge, and deadly secrets.

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Please note: This article is purely for entertainment purposes and the books are not real nor for sale. 


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