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James uncovered – Legacy

17 February 2021
He seems to be an unpleasant blast from the past.
James Legacy article

It’s almost a week of seeing James in Legacy and he still seems to be quite hard to crack. What is evident, though, is that the Price family seem to loath him. Not one of them have said a kind word to him, or about him. And eerily enough, he looks rather similar to Felicity’s dad, the late Sebastian Price Snr. 😨

We know he was once married to Felicity, but they ended up having a messy divorce. And to keep Charlie from being torn apart between his two parents, Felicity says she gave James full custody.

Gordon explains this tricky situation a bit more to Lexi.

“You’re probably too young to remember what it was like when Felicity was married to that bottom feeder,” Gordon says. “What he was like? He was a snake, no, no that is not fair to snakes because they don’t know what they’re doing, he knew exactly what he was doing. He used his marriage to Felicity to advance himself in the company then when that divorce started, just when we thought he couldn’t get more vile, he tries to sell his own son.” 🐍

Lexi is incredulous. “What?”

“Effectively that’s what it boiled down to. He offered the family full custody in exchange for Legacy shares.”

“Huh! And what did Dad say?”

“He agreed, God help him, and just as we thought we had a deal he reneges on the whole thing and then he sues for full custody. I thought it was going to kill Felicity, to watch her son being used like that struggled over like a piece of meat so she stepped back and then what does he do? Takes Charlie and he disappears to the UK and he pumps that kid full of poison. Two months later Charlie wasn’t even talking to Felicity, God knows what he was telling that kid."

“Well, whatever it was, it must’ve been hectic because he is one messed up kid," says Lexi.

Gordon wonders what he missed.

Lexi responds: “Imagine me at 16 with all the Mummy issues but add in Daddy issues but without my sober habits and self-restraint."

“That doesn’t surprise me, James destroys everything he touches but he loves Charlie he does, fiercely. We kind of persuaded ourselves that, that love would protect Charlie from his father’s more distractive tendencies, apparently we were all wrong.” 👶

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