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Five traits of a good business leader – Legacy

09 October 2020
Leaders have certain habits that help them reach the pinnacle of success.
Legacy S1 Business leaders article

Certain behaviours and personality traits can help some people reach greater heights in their careers. CEOs, in particular, need to have a mindset to lead effectively and get desired results. At the same time, they need to be resilient to bounce back from challenges.

Our characters in Legacy have all displayed some of these traits, albeit questionably at times. And as the race for the CEO position heats up between Felicity, Msizi, and Dineo, we see who has displayed which of these traits. And of course, special mention to Sebastian who gracefully resigned from the helm.

1. Remembering set-backs

Success rarely comes easy and there are instances when it takes a few tries to get the results you want.

Case in point: Felicity is stopping at nothing to become CEO. From pushing her father off a cliff accidently, keeping silent over his murder, and then framing Dineo for it, she is relentless in her pursuit of the coveted position. While her moral judgement is quite dubious, she only has the CEO position in mind.

2. Seeking counsel

Learning from others who have experience is always a good step.

Case in point: Dineo first checked with Felicity if she has her blessing after Nirvana wanted to appoint her as CEO over Msizi and Felicity.

3. Displaying humility

A leader knows when to rely on others.

Case in point: Sebastian started Legacy Investments 40 years ago and naturally, could not do it without relying on others.

4. Being supportive and knowing who to trust

Leadership also means having a good EQ.

Case in point: Legacy Investments is about a family business. Sebastian's brother, Gordon; Angelique, the ex-wife; and his daughter, Felicity are all board members. Unfortunately though, things went very wrong with Felicity.

See images from the Legacy gift drop-off:


5. Being optimistic

When things go bad, have faith it can turn around.

Case in point: When Dineo was accused of bribery, she didn't cower away, instead she owned her mistake and hand in her immediate resignation. "We can fix this," she said.

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