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Dead man talking - Legacy

14 January 2021
Powerful words from Sebastian Price
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Legacy serves us with drama, dead bodies, a touch of romance, and more dead bodies week after week. We have come to love (perhaps love-hate) many of the characters. Things have sure gotten messy ever since Mr. Price took his trip six feet under and we wonder what would he say to his loved ones if he were watching them now.

Here's our version of short letters beyond the grave from Sebastian Price.

Dear Felicity,

My eldest child...you need to come clean with all your sins and it will set you free. Despite your sins against me I still believe in you and know that you still have some of that Price family honour left in you. Use it for the good. Don't forget that once a Price, always a Price.

Love, dad.

Dear Lexi,

My darling little girl, it's your time to shine and show your worth. Life is not all fun and games and you need to develop a thick skin in this world. You have great potential and I am with you every step of the way. Just look up to see I am there.

Love, dad.

Dear Elizabeth,

My dearest Elizabeth, you are wiser and smarter than you'll ever know. Don't let the negative voices get to you, listen to your heart as it has always lead you to good places. You have a big heart like mine, don't ever forget it. My heart lives in you too.

Love, dad.

Dear SJ,

My son, you share my name and my legacy. I am so proud of the man that you have become and know that you have great success ahead of you. Don't let the minor distractions get the better of you. Take care of your sisters and your mother. Keep going my boy.

Love, dad.

Dear Dineo,

My love, you carried me through the hardest of times and you are the strong force of the Price family. You have everything it takes to carry on my legacy with the charisma and charm you possess. Watch your back and take care of our wonderful children. I love you now and forever. 

Love, Sebastian.

Dear Angelique,

We may have our differences but you are still the mother of our three beautiful daughters. Don't be too harsh with them, but stand with them during the hard times. I have respect for you and know you are a true fighter, fight for what's right.

Love, Sebastian.

Dear Gordon,

My dear brother, you were always the glue that held the family together. You are the voice of reason. Thank you for being there for my family in my absence. They need you now more than ever. PS. I miss your delicious lamb shank. 

Love, your big brother.

The drama continues on Legacy on Monday-Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net 101. You can also binge watch Legacy on Showmax or catch up on DStv.