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Dating Legacy

01 March 2021
Imagine coming across these dating profiles while you are swiping left and right.

Did the month of love leave you lonely? 

Are you scrolling through endless dating apps trying to find the right person to snuggle up with and watch Legacy each week?

Our favourite local telenovela has given us some wild rollercoaster romances and even a little entanglement saga over the last few months and we couldn't help but wonder what it would look like if these characters ventured to the dating apps in search of their new lovers. 

Stefan Potgieter

1614627210 56 stefan copy

Mr. Potgieter has been smitten with Felicity Price from the start and we've seen these two go on a journey with their relationship throughout the show. He has proven that he is willing to do absolutely anything for her and it looks like she's finally come around to calling him her boyfriend in public. 

Elizabeth Price

1614627223 56 elizabeth

Poor Lizzy has had her heart broken one too many times. We don't know much about her past fiancé, but we do know that it completely destroyed her ability to trust men, and after Anthony's betrayal we can't see her falling in love again any time soon. 


1614627236 56 sanele

Sanele is a ball of fire and we can only imagine how much fun and work it will be to date him. Apart from one stolen glance over the dinner table to Uncle Gordy, Sanele has not shown any interest in someone particular on the show or spoken about a love interest. Maybe there is a special someone lined up for him in the coming months. Let's hope and see. 

Sebastian Price Junior

1614627275 56 sj

SJ is probably the last person on earth that needs a dating profile. Girls are lining up to date this Price Prince, but he only has eyes for Petra. We've heard about this playboy's past littered with young girls and parties, but it seems like he was ready to give all of that up for Petra, that was until Toya showed up of course. 

Petra Potgieter

1614627250 56 petra

Miss Potgieter was knocked off her feet when she saw SJ at the mansion for the first time, but after Toya showed up this all changed very quickly. She is a tough cookie with a very soft center, but we can't see that she'll be going back to him after the entanglement saga. 

Lexi Price

1614627263 56 lexi

If you are looking for someone to lounge around with and drink cocktails, then Lexi is the perfect catch. The youngest of the Price sisters is not phased by anything other than looking great and spending money, so she might be a bit of a handful when it comes to dating. 

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