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Creating the glamour of Legacy

13 October 2020
When it comes to glamour, there are no shortcuts. No-one knows this better than Deidré Green, hair and make-up assistant on M-Net’s Legacy.
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So how exactly do the artists in the hair and make-up department ensure that the cast of Legacy always look their best?

“To make sure the characters always look ‘in character’, we’ve got a team of myself [hair] and Jenny [make-up] in the [make-up] room, and then we also have a standby on set,” explains Green. “So once we’ve done the biggest part of the job in the [make-up] room, they [actors] go to set and we’ve got a standby that actually goes in in-between every take and does checks on lips, hair and stuff like that. That’s why they always look beautiful.”

One might ask what the importance is of hair and make-up in the world of Legacy?

“With the characters, to make them real in a ‘soap world’ or in a ‘telenovela world’, they look beautiful all the time,” Says Green. “We’re also telling a story but with a little bit of an escape for the audience. We see them with a little bit less make-up, or more make-up, but most of the time they look made-up and pretty.”

Speaking of pretty, we asked Green what she would like to take home from set and her answer was, predictably, one of the glamourous costumes.

“The outfits, I would like to take home. It’s the one thing on this show that always looks amazing! There are so many, I don’t think there is one specific one. Like, they’ve got a casual look where they are just strolling around the house and they look like fashion icons. Nirvana’s got a lot of beautiful stuff but the wardrobe is amazing on the show.”

Green clearly loves her job. But what is it specifically that makes it so interesting?

“I’ve always loved the old Hollywood glam look. If I do any work, I love that style. So, when they phoned me for this and they discussed the brief with me, I was so in because it’s the one thing that I love. The waves, the soft, simple hair but yet elegant.”

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