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Charlie 101: Everything we know so far – Legacy

08 February 2021
His debut is unexpected but no less dramatic.
Charlie Legacy article

In typical Legacy style, and by that we mean unpredictable, Charlie appears at the Price mansion. The Price family, enjoying a dinner where Stefan Potgieter is officially introduced as Felicity Price’s boyfriend, sit shellshocked. Dear old Stefan chokes on his drink. Clearly, the chap knew nothing about his girlfriend having a son.

This is everything we’ve learnt so far:

  • Charlie calls his mother, Felicity, by her nickname, Fee, instead of mum. 👀 It signifies that he is trying to keep a distance from her.
  • Charlie wants to be part of the family, but isn’t quite ready for hugs from Felicity. When Felicity goes in to hug him, he says: "Sorry, I am not ready for all the hugs." Yet he was fine with Angelique's closeness.😲
  • He refers to the Price family as peanut gallery when questioned about his dad, and he doesn’t want to answer any questions in front of them. 🐒 This shows that, while at the Price mansion, he wants to maintain his privacy.
  • Charlie seems to speak his mind showing his firecracker personality ... that he is more like his mother than he realises. "If you wanted to see what I look like, you could have just stalked my socials,” he says to Felicity when she says she wondered what he looks as an adult. “I haven't exactly been hard to find." 🙆
  • He doesn't seem to have a good relationship with his dad because he says he came to the Price mansion on his own and his dad probably hasn't noticed his absence. He doesn't even want his dad to know where he is. Yikes! 😵
  • Like most teenage boys, he likes video games. 

The family breaks things down for a dazed Stefan:

“Charlie is a rather painful reminder of Felicity's past,” Angelique says.

Lexi says: "Fee's only failure, the divorce!"

"She was married?" Stefan wonders.

"Stefan, maybe we should give you a crash course on Fee's past,” Elizabeth says oozing empathy. “She was married, yes, to a guy named James. Tough, no nonsense type of guy, and I mean they were really good together. We thought they were a match made in heaven but then he suddenly started resenting Fee and the whole marriage just fell apart. And he really tried to punish her. He dragged all of us – the whole family – to court. The next thing we knew, she had given James full custody of Charlie. He packed up 5-year-old Charlie, took him to the UK and broke all communication with Felicity. With all of us."

Dineo says: "Yeah, it was tough hey. Sebastian was livid. He wanted to renounce the settlement and fight for Charlie but Felicity wouldn't have it. And that created a rift between them. So for about a year, Felicity wouldn't come home. And when she did come back eventually, it was on condition we didn't mention Charlie or James. It was hard you know but Sebastian agreed because he lost his grandson, he didn't want to lose his daughter. But he never forgave James."

"I can't believe she hasn't told me any of this," says Stefan.

"Aw honey, if it is any consolation, Fee hasn't mentioned his name in like a decade, none of us have,” adds Lexi. “Personally, I even forgot he existed."

"I never forgot about my grandson,” says Angelique. “I still can't believe Charlie is home with us.”

Dineo says that Felicity never really got over him, she only learnt to live without her son.

When we see Felicity the next morning, she pulls out a box of memories from a draw. It includes a bronzed baby shoe and a photo album. It is something she kept close by instead of discarding it, signifying she has a soft spot for her son.

Reaction on social media to his entrance has been, shall we say, priceless.

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