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Age is just a number - Legacy

16 June 2021
With Willem and Charmaine moving really fast, we look at other age gap relationships that turned heads
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Willem and Charmaine’s relationship has been blossoming on our screens over the past few weeks and even though there was clear tension about Charmaine’s intentions with him, it seems like everyone is now supporting the new couple.

The age difference has been raising eyebrows, especially with Petra, but we have found some other relationships that seem to be working just fine despite having a big age gap between the partners.

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George and Amal Clooney.

Age gap: 17 years.

One of the most sought-after men in Hollywood shocked everyone in 2014 when he announced his engagement to the animal rights lawyer Amal who was 35 at the time while Clooney was embracing his 50s.

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Jason Statham & Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley.

Age gap: 20 years.

The pair met each other at Coachella Music Festival in 2010 and started dating almost immediately. 6 months later they moved in together and started fighting the public attention caused by the massive age gap between them. The action movie star and Victoria’s Secret model got engaged in 2016 and welcomed their son Jack in 2017.

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Leonardo DiCaptro & Camila Morrone.

Age gap: 23 years.

The age gap between these two low-profile love birds is exactly Camilla’s age. The now 46-year-old Leo started dating this actress/model when he was 42 and she was only 20. Even though the pair is said to be inseparable, they very rarely come out in public. In December 2019 Camila also spoke out about their age gap in a Los Angeles Times interview saying: “There are so many relationships in Hollywood – and in the history of the world – where people have large age gaps. I think anyone should be able to date who they want to date. I probably would be curious about it too.”

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Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Age gap: 25 years.

These two iconic figures in Hollywood have been together for over 20 years and their love has been blossoming despite the 25 year age gap. In a recent interview, Catherine said that the secret to their seemingly unbreakable bond has been constant love and respect. “We’ve never, ever lost our sense of humor, and we enjoy each other’s company”

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Dennis Quaid & Laura Savoie.

Age gap: 39 years.

Famous for his 1980’s movies, Dennis Quaid surprised everyone when he broke up with his model girlfriend, Santa Auzina, who was 32 years his junior, only to propose to a Ph.D. student 39 years younger than him. The two eloped in 2019 and tied the knot with only the pastor as their witness. Quaid was 66 and Savoie was only 27 when they exchanged vows.

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Age gap: 60 years.

When you think of age gaps in relationships, it is impossible not to think about the late Hugh Hefner. The Playboy mogul was famous for dating much younger women and more than one of them at a time. In 2012 one of these girlfriends convinced him to get married for the third time. Crystal Harris started dating Hef in 2019 after he ended his 7-year relationship with Holly Madison. Despite the 60 year age gap between the two, they were very happily married until Hugh passed away in 2017 at the age of 91.


With all these successful relationships it is clear to see that age truly is only a number, and this gives us hope for Oom Willem and Charmaine.

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