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She reigns! - The Throne

05 November 2021
There’s a new queen in town.
The Throne 6

You enjoyed Riona and Ofotokun’s reign of madness, now we bring you a new royal family, led by a powerful matriarch whose powers seem ‘other-worldly’.

The Throne is a South African telenovela created by renowned Ferguson Films and set in a fictitious BaTswana kingdom that revolves around a royal family in turmoil after the discovery of mineral deposits on their land.

Kweneng is a small kingdom in the North West Province's Magaliesburg region that runs smoothly without major conflict, however, is jolted into a whirlwind of deceit and turmoil when the minerals are discovered. The reigning monarch's legitimacy begins to fall under scrutiny.

Certain members of the royal family seek to serve their interests, looking for a slice of power, be it ascending to the throne or a taste of freedom to avoid customary obligation and anxiety.

At the helm of the kingdom sits Queen Mosadi Kwena, the current ruler and matriarch, who is tasked with finding an heir to the throne between her daughters, Kefilwe and Mosetsana.

Amongst those contesting the throne is the queen's brother Moseki, who also has a claim to power and schemes with his daughter to override the rightful protocols.

Also in the mix is the wise sage, Sephiri, who is the custodian of cultural history, boundlessly loyal to the throne, and the only person who knows who the true successor will be.

The kingdom traces its lineage back many years, to a momentous event that occurred over five generations ago when a great Tswana king who ruled over a fertile valley discovered a cruel betrayal by his only son.

To punish his heir, he decided to hand over the reins of his kingdom to his beloved eldest daughter, who would become the first in a long line of queens.

In fury, the prince took some of the community with him and founded a rival monarchy known as the Morule Kingdom, whom many years later still dispute Queen Mosadi's rightful claim to the throne.

The queen is a just and brilliant ruler, the first in her lineage to receive a university education, and she has put her schooling to great use.


She founded a tea company in the fertile valley of Kweneng, which is the life-blood of her kingdom. Kwena Tea is sold both locally and internationally and is known to treat a multitude of ailments. It is a herbal infusion that her great aunt introduced to her as a teenager, made from traditional herbs.

The wealth generated from the tea farm has been invested in roads, infrastructure, and education. Her kingdom prospers and is peaceful. While many love and adore her,  trouble clearly brews in Kweneng.

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