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Halita in a different light

07 October 2021
We profile Chisom Agoawuike, the beauty behind Halita.
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Wondering who the gorgeous actress behind the lead of Nigeria’s Northern telenovela Halita is in her private life? We present to you the former beauty queen, fashion and model leading lady, Chisom Agoawuike.

Chisom hails from Owerri, the capital of Imo State, Nigeria. While she hasn’t made her birth year public, we know that her birthday is on 3 February, which makes her star sign Aquarius, explaining her inclination to creativity and entertainment.

Her future in the arts, however, wasn’t always clear. Chisom had wanted to study Theater Arts, her parents had other plans that saw her studying Public Health at the Federal University of Technology in Owerri. The actress graduated in 2015 and completed National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2017.

The role of Halita is Chisom’s first major acting role and during an interview with Premium Times, this is what she had to say about how she landed the part.

After previous stressful audition processes, I resolved to only go for private auditions. So when my friend sent me a flier for the Halita audition, I was sceptical. But then I saw a poster on Mr Dimbo’s page (the executive producer) and I thought to give it a try. Also, my friends did a lot of convincing so we went for the audition very early in the morning and I got a callback tag, which made me very excited.

When they were calling names at the callback, I noticed that we were all petite and someone made a comment that these are the smallies, the maids. But no one knew that Halita was the main character.

So before we were told to read the character, there was a briefing and that was when they told us that Halita was the main character and I thought ‘Oh my God! I need to get this right; I need to nail it and get my lines’.

But I had no expectations to get the lead character. I just knew I had to do my best so when I got the role, it was a very pleasant surprise for me because this was my first major role.”

The actress, although Igbo, plays the part of a Hausa girl who must leave her home for the city to make ends meet as the show is set in the Northern part of Nigeria. The actress also admits that getting this role was a miracle because she does not speak any Hausa.

While it isn’t clear who she is dating, she is rumoured to be linked to her onscreen lover King in real life, a rumour that she has vehemently denied. The actress also has a loving and supportive family, including a stunning sister who could pass for her twin!

We can’t wait to see what more she has to offer the showbiz industry!

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