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A promise of great viewing - Isithembiso

20 October 2021
Isithembiso now on Novela Magic
Zamani - Isithembiso

One of the most mind-blowingly relatable telenovelas to come out of South Africa has just hit Novela Magic screens! 😍

The show touches on the trials and triumphs of two young people who have left their villages to pursue their studies and better opportunities in the big bad city of gold, Johannesburg.

Created and produced by Bomb productions, the show touches on many hot-button topics such as the struggle for free education, the Fees Must Fall movement and grooming.

We are taken along the journey of Simi and Zamani as they not only in search of their fortune but also familial ties in the city of Jozi’. It's a millennial migrant story that is still deeply embedded into the lives of South African youth today and going generations back. With a combination of ambition and tricky choices, familiar consequences unfold before the viewer.

We meet Simi, a wide-eyed innocent maiden from rural KwaZulu-Natal who comes to the dazzling city in search of her long lost mother and job opportunities where her path collides with the resourceful Zamani, whose street smarts prove to be charmingly useful.

Through a series of incidents, from chance meetings to destructive choices, their lives intertwine with Banzi, who is considered “the wolf of Braamfontein"  and deceives the impressionable Simi. The consequences are long-lasting and life-changing.

True to the title that directly translates to 'The Promise', there are promises made and broken - promises of a better life, a brighter future, better life choices. Eventually, the rose-coloured glasses fall off, and many of the characters begin to understand that all that glitters is not gold.

Can their determination, faith and the promise of youth keep them going? Keep watching!

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