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The 7 stages of Rachel - Inconceivable

21 September 2020
Rachel's 7 stages of grief.
Stage one: Shock and denial

We cannot imagine what it must feel like to be so excited about the arrival of a baby, only to realise that this dream won’t be coming true.

Rachel has gone through a million different emotions in the last 3 episodes and our feelings towards her changes constantly.

Whenever you lose somebody, you inevitably go through the 7 stages of grief, but Rachel has been going through her own version of this since discovering that Abby will not be born alive.


Stage one: Shock and denial.

Imagine hearing the most terrible news in the world, and from your best friend. This moment broke our hearts into a million pieces and we truly sympathised with Rachel.

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Stage two: Pain and guilt.

While trying to come to terms with what has happened, Rachel tries to tell James, but when she realises how excited this new father is about his first-born child she decides not to.

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Stage Three: Anger and bargaining.

Rachel pleas with Marieke to keep her secret and let her keep Abby as her own. Marieke battles to support her best friend, even though she wants to see her happy. When Marieke as the moral compass of the group insists that Rachel returns the baby to Tamsin and Nick, she desperately tries to convince her that Abby is safer with her.  

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Stage Four: Depression.

Guilt feelings about what she had done starts creeping in and Rachel reaches out to Tamsin in the clinic. When she hears that her baby will be cremated because of a lack of money, she offers to pay for the funeral.

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Stage Five: The upward turn.

Marieke manages to convince Rachel that returning Abby is the best option and that she will take the fall for her mistake. Rachel sees the light and agrees to the plan. She desperately tries to get access to funds without alerting James.

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Stage Six: Reconstruction.

Rachel reaches out to a travel connection trying to escape with Abby in order to build a new life for them abroad. Unfortunately, her plans are canceled as not even the dodgy connections could help her get Abby out of the country without the proper paperwork.

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Stage Seven: Acceptance and hope.

When her plans to escape with Abby fails, Rachel finally agrees to drive to Tamsin and Nick and hand over Abby. But on arrival, they discover both of them drunk and passed out on the front porch and Rachel makes a run for it.

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Don’t forget to tune in this Thursday at 20:30 to see what happened to Rachel and how much longer Marieke is willing to keep this dark secret.

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