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Stolen moments - Inconceivable

21 September 2020
Stolen moments between ex-lovers.
First encounter

Apart from the obvious tension between Rachel and Marieke, there is another fuse burning between Sisanda and Natalie and we are anxious about the explosion it will cause.

Seeing an ex is never easy, and when they are intertwined in your immediate group of friends it complicates things. Especially when there are very obvious leftover feelings.

Here are some of the Sisanda and Natalie moments we’ve caught so far.

The first encounter.

Awkward group photo.

Dirty dancing.

That feeling that the other one is watching you.

Devouring looks.

And who can forget the heroic save from Sisanda.

We aren’t the only ones that have caught a few stolen moments between these ex-lovers, Busi has also caught a glimpse of it and decided to confront Natalie.

Nats swears that she is devoted to her husband David and that her past with Sisanda is over, but we can’t help to think that there might still be a few feels hidden away on both sides.

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