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All the drama so far - Inconceivable

09 October 2020
Taking a quick look back at the episodes.
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Every episode has left us wondering just how far this lie is going to go and how much more of it Marieke can hide. 

We've come so far, so let's take a quick look back at what has happened since we first met this group of friends. 

Episode 1

The first episode exploded onto our screens with a group of friends finally reunited and ready to celebrate big things. Natalie moved to Johannesburg with her husband David to open her new restaurant, Rachel was expecting her first child while Marieke and Busi were celebrating very successful careers.

But soon this reunion turned to heartache as Marieke had to tell her best friend that her baby was dead.

Although all of this left us sad and confused, the real drama was stirring in the background when Sisanda saw his ex-girlfriend Natalie for the first time in years. Who can forget the awkward moment when Sisanda met Natalie’s husband, David for the first time and unknowingly started a bromance that left us wondering just how much David knows about Sisanda’s past with his wife.

Episode 2

Fuming with anger and disbelief, Marieke tries to come to terms with what her best friend had done and desperately tries to convince her that she made a horrible mistake. Unfortunately, everyone has already fallen deeply in love with little Abby, including James. Nick finds out that his baby girl is dead and immediately demands answers. Rachel sees Marieke’s knock on the head as the perfect opportunity to disguise her lie, but Marieke did not forget a single thing. Rachel shows the first signs of remorse when she finds out that Tamsin’s baby will be cremated and she offers to pay for her funeral. Busi and Sisanda take David and Natalie out on a double date that ultimately sparks the now raging fire between these two ex-lovers.

Episode 3

After attending the funeral, Rachel looks like she finally realises the extent of her actions, and there is a short period where we actually thought that she might do the right thing. But this feeling of relief was short-lived as we saw her desperately try to make plans to get her and Abby out of the country. Tamsin struggles with Rodney and ends up leaving him at the building site with Nick as a last resort to go back to work. Unfortunately, his boss was not as understanding and Nick lost his job, putting even more strain on an already troubled household. Because of the additional stress, Tamsin starts drinking and passes out on the front porch as Marieke and Rachel show up to return the baby. Rachel gets spooked by the circumstances she needs to leave Abby in and takes off with her into the night.

Episode 4

The episode started with Rachel running around the streets at night trying to hide from Marieke. After a close encounter with a mugger and some drunken men, Marieke finds her just in time. Rachel puts her foot down and tells Marieke that she is not giving Abby up, no matter what. Marieke tries to go to the police but realises the consequences of this lie that has been consuming their friendship and their lives. A social worker visits Tamsin and we see just how broken this poor woman is after losing her child. The inevitable happens when Natalie and Sisanda get themselves locked in a fridge and we see the start of a wild affair.

Episode 5

Rachel made herself clear when she told Marieke that she is not giving Abby up, but shortly after pretends like nothing had happened by offering Marieke a gift. Wesley is picking up that something is wrong between them and helps Rachel out with Abby when Marieke refuses to. Natalie is growing tired of David and his clinical approach to their conception journey and runs straight into the arms of Sisanda. Nick is bonding with young Rodney while Tamsin is working and trying to come to terms with what happened and we see a softer side of Nick come through. Marieke finally had enough and tells Rachel that their friendship is over and that she wants nothing to do with her.

Episode 6

Things are heating up, and we’re not only talking about Natalie and Sisanda. Busi feels bad about the situation between Rachel and Marieke and tries to fix it, but walks away with the truth instead. We finally get a glimpse of the reason why Busi is opposed to having kids when she goes to see her sister. The affair between Sisanda and Natalie starts getting dangerous and they almost get caught by David at the restaurant. They decide to end things and go back to being just friends. In a surprise twist at the end of the episode, Marieke goes to Rachel’s house with the expectation that Busi is close behind with the police. Rachel, who was on her way out of the country with Abby was extremely surprised and relieved when Busi showed up and took her side instead. Marieke is left in a very difficult situation where her friends are turning their backs on what is right.

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