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The Break Up Survival Guide

08 November 2019
Heartbreak got you down? This might help you get back up.
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Have you had a break up recently and your heart needs some TLC? Here are some tips that may help ease you through it.

#1. Cry Me A RIver

It's ok to get mad and cry your eyes out. Stock up on those tissues and work through those feelings. Bring on the ugly cry, listen to as many heartbreak songs as you want and cry until you feel better. It's your break up and you can cry if you want to!

#2. Scream

Let it out, just let it out. It's never good to keep those feelings bottled up inside. At some point they are going to come out, so best you take control of the situation yourself. Take a deep breath, now let go and ...scream.

#3. Indulge In Guilty Pleasures

It's time to bring out goodies that are good for the soul. This is the perfect time for comfort food. Grab that tub of ice cream, slab of chocolate and bag of french fries. Don't hold back. We're talking the works! Chocolates and ice cream just make everything a little bit better and it goes straight to the heart and not just the hips.

#4. LOL

Love may be no joke, but laughter is certainly the best medicine. Watch a funny movie and have a giggle fest. We're here to help you along. Tune into our M-Net Movies Mega Movie Madness festival for laughs and more. Check out the list of movies here.

#5. Delete Your Ex

Relax, don't get too excited. We're talking about deleting them on social media here. Stop checking out your ex online, Unfriend! Unfollow! Unlike! Don't call and don't text. Keep your best friend on speed dial to talk you down in those weak moments, if you have to!

#6. Cleaning Out The Closet

It's time to clean out that closest of souvenirs, skeletons, gifts and all... Get rid of anything that reminds you of them. Including photos, letters and personal items, even that mix tape of love songs you guys made together. Ok fine, you can pack them away in a box until you ready to throw them out later or light them on fire!

#7. Get Groovy With Your Tribe

This is the perfect time to get back in touch and embrace that budding bromance, or re-connect with the gals for a great night out. You've probably neglected your pals while you were dating so go on, paint the town red! Let loose, let your hair down and love every minute of it. You've got nothing to lose when you're with your mates.

#8. Easy On The Wine

Drowning your sorrows with that bottle of red is not the answer. Remember, you're no Jack Sparrow, so instead become a jack of all trades and find a new hobby or DIY project. You might just develop a new skill while you're at it.

#9. Make Over Time

There's never been a better time to try that new haircut, a new wardrobe and maybe a whole new you? Is that a shopping spree we smell? Now you can finally grow that beard, change your aftershave and even get that tattoo you've always wanted. Then adopt that new hair, don't care attitude and trust us, it'll look good on you.

#10. Dance Baby Dance

It's murder on the dance floor! Kill those negative feelings with some hot moves. It's time to update your iPod playlist, get rid of those soppy love songs and shake that booty to get your ex outta your system.

#11. Work It!

We're taking about being Phat. This is the ideal time to work on that revenge body and make heads turn saying, "who dat?". So get back to that yoga class, pick up those weights or finally run that marathon. You don't need nobody, but your body needs you.

#12. Meditate

There's no better place to start than in your head. Make time for yourself, find a quiet place and try out great meditation videos. Get in touch with your inner self. Release your inner guru!

#13. Take A Trip

Told your ex to hit the road jack? Well now it's time for you to hit the road too! New places and new faces might just be the thing to get that break up outta your head. Go sightseeing and set your sights on something new. You never know what the journey might hold, so dive in and say yes to adventure.

#14. Fall In Love With Youself

Get to know yourself better as a single person. What you enjoy and what you don't? What makes you tick? Take yourself on a date to somewhere nice. Begin this new love story with yourself by looking in a mirror and saying "I love you!".

#15. Hug Yourself

Remember many people go through break ups and you're not alone. You are going to be ok. Now wrap your arms around yourself and repeat, "I am going to be fine." Do this as often as possible.

We hope some of these tips help you get through that break up. Share your break up recovery tips with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram  with #FindingTheOne

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