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Eython Tells All

04 November 2019
We got an opportunity to chat to the man of the moment Eython and this is what he had to say about his search for love:
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  • People normally shy away from involving their parents in their dating life but you chose your mom as one of the matchmakers, why is that?

- Well my mom knows me the best, she has seen the type of girls I’ve dated in the past and has always been able to see things from a different perspective than myself. I am also very family orientated so it’s important to me that my mom is happy with the person I one day bring home.


  • Your mom made her wishes about having many grandchildren clear, are kids in your future plans?

- Yes, there is definitely plans for kids in the future, but only when I find the right person to take that step with.


  • So what’s your fascination with women’s pyjamas?

- I love a woman with nice pyjamas "lol", it’s a silly fetish, but just something that always gets my blood pumping - "haha"


  • Have you ever been on a blind date before?

- No, I have never been on a blind date before


  • Which of the three houses did you find to be most interesting?

- The house in Parklands stood out the most for me. It gave me a comfortable and homely feeling.


  • You seemed a bit nervous during your date with Dominique, is there a possibility of another date?

-Yes I was very nervous, but unfortunately I wouldn’t ever consider going on another date with her again.


  • What’s the update on your love life since the filming of the show?

- I am still very single and still trying to find the one


  • What would your advice be for someone who is interested in coming onto ‘Finding The One’

- All I can say is that whoever decides to come onto the show should simply just be themselves, make the most out of the journey, and know that even if they don’t find love on the show, someone else is out there watching and could potentially be the person they are looking for. This was by far one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, and I totally enjoyed every moment of it.


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