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Joedy is still waiting for The One

10 February 2020
Joedy was very candid as he let us in on what love means to him.
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“Love for me means being able to be myself, free of any restrictions.” Joedy’s love life hasn’t been clear cut as he’s only recently come out as a gay person, meaning he’s relatively new to the dating world as a gay man. “Life only gets better after freeing yourself from the burden of society norms, you become happier as you embrace who you are.” Joedy is in an exciting transition of getting to know and appreciate himself better.

Love presents itself as an adventure to Joedy. “I would love to be with someone who's after happiness, someone who’s chilled and goes with the flow, someone family oriented and who loves his friends the same.” His ideal partner would be a well-rounded person who can complement his life and accommodates Joedy’s loved ones including his two best friends. 

His best friends were also his matchmakers on Finding The One. “My best friends know me better than I know myself, I love them more than most.” However, his final verdict on the date they chose for him was a fairly neutral “They did the best job they could.” Hmm, Joedy is clearly playing his cards close to his chest.

What puts Joedy off are smokers and unhygienic people and this is primarily why things didn’t work out between him and Gerri. “Although Gerri is great as a person, I couldn’t get past the fact that he’s a smoker.” Joedy is however hopeful that he’ll find love elsewhere. “I would love to find someone that I’ll be happy with, it will be a bonus if my friends and family are also happy with him.”

For now Joedy is happily single and although he is a hopeless romantic, who is still open to finding love, he doesn’t let love define him.

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