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Tharina Believes In Love

03 February 2020
Yesterday’s episode of 'Finding The One' introduced us to Tharina, affectionately known as Miep
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In a world largely characterized by hustle and bustle, Tharina believes in enjoying life and embracing each moment. “I saw the TV ad and told my friend Abrie about it. He said I should enter and we made a joke about how amazing it would be if we are on TV and maybe I find my significant other on a reality dating show.” said Tharina, as her reason for entering Finding The One.

Tharina’s past experience in love hasn’t been favourable and she had to pick herself up from a heartbreak that left her feeling inadequate. This led to a long-time battle with feelings of inferiority. “I shouldn't have entered that relationship, BUT I learned that you should never change yourself for somebody else, change only if it is good for you. I am not going to change my vibrant personality just to be in a relationship and hopefully someone will admire my being and want to be with me...for who I AM” said Tharina. 

Tharina describes her experience on the show as “quite huge” and believes this is a story she’ll be telling for years to come. Although the final date with Stefan didn’t lead to aromance, Tharina is still a hopeless romantic and believes in love. “One day I’ll find someone who sees me for who I am, when he looks at me I’ll be able to know he loves me and wants to be with me, someone who challenges me to be better”.

Tharina is still open to finding love and being on Finding The Onewas definitely a step in the right direction. “I've enjoyed this experience a lot and learned so much about my likes and dislikes. The only word to describe this is WOW!” said Tharina.

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