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Dating In The Digital Age - Finding The One

29 October 2019
We're dishing out the dirt with digital dating...
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Gone are the days of handwritten love letters delivered by a pigeon to your one true love. Technology has evovled, but love remains pretty much the same.

Is the digital age daunting when it comes to dating? If so, we've got tips that may just help you out.

Choose a digital platform

There are tonnes of dating apps and social media platforms available to help you put yourself out there. But it's easy to get lost or end up on the wrong one. It's important to choose the one that best suits you and is the least confusing or daunting. So read up online, ask your friends about some apps, test them and then decide which one best suits you. 

Upload a good photo

Your profile photo does matter when it comes to digital dating. Remember it's your photo that will first capture you ideal mate's attention. Go for someting subtle but nice. Dress up and look presentable. No filters. No funny business. Keep it clean or you'll find yourself in a dodgy situation.

Fill in your bio honestly

Make sure you state the facts. This includes your age; wink wink. Elaborate on your likes and dislikes, hobbies, career and anything you find interesting about yourself. This will give the seeker a better idea about who you are and whether or not you share similar interests. Your bio is your story to tell, so make sure it’s a good one

Include extra photos

You can include photos of some of your hobbies, travels or anything you simply enjoy. This will help the other person to see your world and whether you'll fit into theirs. Try not to include too many selfies, this may look self-absorbed. It's important to be real and authentic here as well. No photos with your ex, like do we even need to mention that?

When you make an online match

Start off with a friendly greeting and keep the conversation light-hearted. Talk about yoursef and answer their questions as honestly as you can. Ask them questions too. Make sure you both state what you're looking for upfront, instead of wasting each other's time. If they ask for nudes or make the conversation go down south, that's a red flag waving at you.

Check out their bio

So you want to ensure you're not being catfished? Check out their other social profiles if you can; this may require some digging and investigating. Get a feel for whether this person is the real deal or not. Look for authenitic photos of the person doing everyday things or hobbies. Do they have photos with family and friends? Do images look photoshopped? Profiles that only have model-like images, limited photos of themselves or multiple social media profiles scream more red flags. The cat is definitely out the bag and you might just be their next catfish victim.

The right time to meet

So it can't be a virtual relationship only, you've got to see each other face to face. Both of you must mutually decide when it's best to meet. A week or two of chatting suffices to take it from online to offline. If the person wants to chat for months without meeting, this is another red flag. They're not-so-serious and may just enjoy chatting and nothing more, in fact they might just be a serial chatter and yes those do exist, do stay clear of these!

Choose a safe meeting place

You never know whom you'll meet online, so it's best to always be cautious. Grab a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop or a busy place on your first meet. Under no circumstance should you meet them at their place. Should we repeat that again? Got it? Good.

The actual date

Pay attention to body langauge, it tells a lot. Do check if the conversation online matches with what they say on the date, watch out for any loopholes. Be your natural self and just enjoy the conversation. You will know if you want to see them again or not after the first meet and vice versa.

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