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10 things that stood out from Alistair’s episode

21 October 2019
There were quite a few moments but these are the ones we highlighted:
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  • Alistair has only been in 2 relationships
  • Words such as quirky, weird, awkward have been used to describe Alistair
  • Alistair is a nine time quiz champion master
  • Cleo’s justice league merchandize is one of the reasons she was chosen to go on a date
  • Alistair works as a finance journalist
  • He was once part of a band called ‘The worst band’
  • Alistair has never been a baby daddy but has dated single ladies with children
  • If given a choice, Alistair would’ve worked in film but his mom had other plans
  • At first glance Alistair comes across as conceited and shy but he loosens as he starts to feel comfortable
  • Alistair and Cleo are both open to a second date

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