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Devil's Peak

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Christine and Anton enter the picture – Devil's Peak

17 November 2023
More action. More drama. More suspense.
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The third episode of the action-packed series Devil’s Peak (M-Net, DStv channel 101) introduced two new main characters: the call girl Christine van Rooyen (Tarryn Wyngaard) and the crime boss Anton Heidt (Albert Pretorius). It was Anton’s son and his friend who were responsible for Xola’s killing and Thobela will do anything to avenge his death.

A recap of the third episode:

Christine goes to a party at Anton Heidt’s mansion. Eugene de Klerk, Anton’s lawyer who was responsible for getting the boys off on the murder charge, is one of the guests. Anton wants more from Christine that she is willing to offer and while trying to slip away, she stumbles upon a corpse in the garage. She goes to the police to report it, but two dirty cops (Cruywagen and Otto) who are in Anton’s pocket, take her to an abandoned building on a farm.

The dirty cops threaten to kill her. Anton arrives and when Christine tells him that she has a young daughter and begs for her life, he changes his mind about having her killed. He takes her back to his house and Christine realises she is now owned by Anton Heidt.

Benny and the team inspect the home of Thobela’s latest victim, Johan Reyneke. Benny discovers a safe behind some books, but it is open and empty. He later realises that somebody emptied the safe after the murder – either the killer, someone close to Reyneke, or cops who were on the scene.

Thobela meets with Ntsusa, Jacob’s mother, and she makes him promise to make the person who took Jacob suffer for what they did. Thobela later phones his lawyer, Bonnie Mtetea, and they go for lunch. While walking in the Company Gardens in Cape Town, Thobela and Bonnie are accosted by a gang of street kids and Bonnie is stabbed in the leg. Thobela catches the one boy, called Someguy, and he admits that he works for Madison Madikiza.

Benny and his colleagues Boef Beukes and Jamie Keyter rush to Langa where a man is found dead, speared by several assegais. Benny goes to the security company where Reyneke worked to try and get more information on him, and boxes full of files with possible assegai killer suspects are delivered to Benny.

Anton wants Christine and her daughter, Sonya, to move in with him, but that is the last thing she wants to do. She tries to escape with her mother and daughter, but Anton finds out and tells her he will kill her and her family if she tries to leave again.

Benny moves into a flat in the same building as Boef. Benny follows a lead and he and Jamie go to the abandoned building where Anton has dumped bodies. Jamie pulls a gun on Benny and a scuffle breaks out with Benny getting the upper hand in the end.

Thobela confronts Madikiza at his shebeen. Visibly upset, he says he knows nothing about Jacob’s kidnapping and gives his men a signal to attack Thobela.

There's more nailbiting drama in store in the fourth episode, airing on Sunday 19 November at 20:00 on M-Net (DStv channel 101). Take a sneak peek below.

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