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Devil's Peak

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All the shockers – Devil's Peak

13 November 2023
Moments we didn’t see coming from the latest episode of Devil's Peak. 

Warning: Major spoiler alert.

Devil’s Peak never fails to impress us and each episode just gets more intense. While our anti-hero Thobela searches for the truth and brings justice to helpless victims, Detective Griessel is fighting demons of his own, and there's always a shocker in store for us. Let's countdown the jaw-dropping moments from episode three. 

4. Bonnie caught in the crossfire
Madikiza sends his little minions to do his dirty work and go after Thobela, but it's poor Bonnie who gets caught in the middle. This moment was filled with great suspense. While the two are casually enjoying a conversation and Chinese food, we suspect that something is wrong, and someone is watching. Suddenly a gang attacks the pair and injures Bonnie, and an epic chase occurs between Thobela and the assailants. 

3. Madikiza sets an attack on Thobela
Thobela confronts Madikiza about his attacks on him, but he ends up walking straight into a trap. The big boss tells Thobela, “The only way to attain such power in this city is through fear.” His gang then proceeds to beat up Thobela. This closing scene left us on edge and wondering about Thobela’s fate. 

2. Christine almost gets buried
If this scene didn’t give you heart palpitations then we don’t know what will. When Christine turns to the police after stumbling upon a dead body in the garage of Anton’s mansion, little does she know that the dark secret is not the only thing Anton wants buried. It turns out the police are working with Anton and are ordered to get rid of her. However, she survives by pleading with Anton and promising that she will do whatever he wants. 

1. Jamie pulls a gun on Benny
This scene was one hell of a shocker for fans. When Benny and his partner Jamie Keyter investigate an abandoned house, Keyter insists they leave and return with proper backup; but when Benny stays and continues digging around, Jamie shockingly pulls a gun on him. The two end up in an intense brawl and Benny stumbles upon buried bodies. Is Jamie a double agent? Is he the mole in the force? How long has he been working for the bad guys? So many questions, so many dead bodies! 

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